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BBC Radio 1 will broadcast from the Norwegian house club Sunkissed second year on the row. Nils Petter Molvær, Kim Hiortøy Lokal Band, Frost, Bugge Wesseltoft are among the stars to line up at concert venue Blå January 24. BBC Radio 1’s “One World” will present a two hours long program with interviews and concert recordings from Blå later on.

Frost 1 2002

BBC repeats the success from last year and returns to Norway. One week in Tromsø, Bergen, and Oslo resulted in three programs with Norwegian music in 2003. BBC Radio 1, which has on million listeners on average, is one of UK’s most important exponents of new music. For a long time, the channel has followed Norwegian music closely. Jaga Jazzist, Röyksopp, Erlend Øye, and Bugge Wesseltoft are among the profiled Norwegians on the channel.

This year, Sunkissed is packed with celebrated jazz - and electronica artists. Sunkissed is one of Oslo’s most important house clubs, and so far, the club has had two Live events. Last year, also in association with BBC Radio 1, Sunkissed presented Nils Petter Molvær, Sternklang, On/Off, Oslo Atletico, Bjørn Torske & Per Martinsen, and Olav Brekke Mathisen. Sunkissed has also co-operated with Oslo Jazzfestival to present Matthew Herbert Big Band with members of Jaga Jazzist.

In the following, you will find the program and the organizers’ description of the artists.

19:30 – 20:00: Etmo & Olivier Tison
Etmo & Olivier Tison conjure alternative electronic jazz with experimental sounds and ethnic elements. Dj Olivier Tison mix electronic songs with Etmo’s saxophones, ethnic flutes, and other acoustic sounds.
“A sophisticated and harmonious musical hybrid, layering live ambient sax, acoustic sound effects, and electronic tracks. Funk-driven bass lines, subtle jazz breaks, deep chords, and dub effects in this melting pot of melody and rhythm,” London based National Theatre wrote.

20:30 – 21:00: Frost
Aggie Peterson and partner Per Martinsen in Frost is about to release their Melodica album abroad. Nils Petter Molvær and Röyksopp contribute at the album, which is inspired by Peterson and Martinsen’s native city, Tromsø. From tender, naïve melodies to minimal
house and synth pop, Frost is the meeting between the cold north and the urban city. Peterson’s warm voice brings all the diverging elements together.

21:20 – 21:50: Nils Petter Molvær
Nils Petter Molvær is known for most as Norway’s most famous jazz musician. As a jazz innovator, Molvær merges jazz and electronica. His live sets stretch from ambient jazz, break beats, and house rhythms to Tee Bee produced drum & bass beats. Tonight, Molvær brings his whole band consisting of Jan Bang, Rune Arnesen, Morten Qvenild, and Pål Nyhus.

22:10 – 22:40: Kim Hiortøy Lokal Band w/members of Jaga Jazzist
It may sound as a joke, but it is true; members of Jaga Jazzist perform Kim Hiortøy’s music, with Hiortøy in the band. The line-up includes Martin Horntveth and Lars Horntveth from Jaga Jazzist, Morten Quenild (ex Jaga Jazzist), and Hiortøy himself.

“A feast of infectious beats and exciting arrangements delicately resolved with nuance to produce a variety of atmospheric pleasure,” British The Wire wrote about Kim Hiortøy’s music.

23:00 – 23:30: Bugge Wesseltoft
Bugge Wesseltoft is an inventor in the new world of jazz. His musical image stretches from ambient and jazz, to house and techno, often minimal, but still rich. Giles Peterson, Body & Soul, Jose Padilla, and Laurent Garnier are some of his fans. On stage, Bugge Wesseltoft invites the audience on a dazzling musical journey where melody, rhythm, sound send one foot on the dance floor and the other to heaven. Bugge Wesseltoft is accompanied by Jonas Lönnå, Richard Gensollen, Ingebrigt Flaten, and Wetle Holthe.

“A full epic scale jazz assault with a stringent left field house attitude, stunning to the verge of addiction, drifting along like tranquillity given wings. Lovers of music, not scenes, need this, “ – Rob Wood (editor of 7 Magazine/Mixmag Update, UK)

23:50 – 00:20: Kalle, Magnus, and Daniel
A young and promising trio signed by the Prins Thomas label “Tamburin” is given the honour to finish the row of concerts. Their danceable 12” releases will bring Detroit and Chicago in tha house. Focused on the audience, Kalle, Magnus, and Daniel deliver tough bass-based tracks that will fill the dance floor. Their gig will bridge over to the following Djs.

00:20 – 03:00: g-HA, Strangefruit, Olanskii
Now, g-HA, Pål “Strangefruit” Nyhus and Olanskii are in charge. All of them have established groovy routines from escapades both at the Fabric and Notting Hill Arts Club in London, as well as numerous acts in Oslo.

Sunkissed Live is sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Norway.

Translated from article at by Bente Kalsnes

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