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Jens Wendeboe


Manhattan School of Music, New York. Master's in Composition and Film Scoring 1984-1985.
Østlandet Conservatory of Music, Norway. Bachelor's Classical Trombone Performance 1975- 1979.

Don Sebesky (Film Score), Dennis Wikk (Trombone), Michael Gibbs (Comp.), Ed Green (Film Score), Bill Watrous (Trombone), Arild Jensen (Trombone).

Norwegian Association for Popular Authors' (NOPA) Prize of the Year for Best Composition, 1982 and 1986.
Norwegian Composers Union, Anders Klæstads Scholarship.
Composers Foundation, Scholarship, Oslo 1986.
The City of Oslo, Cultural Stipend, 1986
Study Scholarships by TONO (Ascap), (2) NOPA, Found. for Performing Artists Norwegian
Government Establishing Scholarship & Travel and Cultural Stipend. 1980, 1986.
Denmark Radio Cup, 1988 for originally composed orchestra piece.
Grammy nominated with the BS&T horn section on two Jeff Lorber CDs: «He Had A Hat» 2009 and «Now Is The Time» 2010


Norwegian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Oslo, Permanent Stand in, Principal and 2nd Trombone, up to three months yearly.

Phantom of the Opera, 1990, The Norwegian Theatre (conductor)
Jesus Christ Superstar, 1990, The Norwegian Theatre (conductor, trombone)
Les Miserables, 1988, The Norwegian Theatre, Oslo (bass trombone, conductor)
Fiddler on the Roof, 1987, The Norwegian Theatre, Oslo
Cats, 1985-1986, The Norwegian Theatre, Oslo
Chorus Line, 1983-1984, Chateu Neuf, Oslo
West Side Story, 1982, 1990 The Norwegian Theatre, Oslo
Other Assorted Norwegian Plays

Toshiko Akioshi, Kongsberg Jazz Festival, Norway 1980.
Tom Pierson Big Band, New York, 1985 (A. Jackson, L. Soluff, J. Pugh, G. Chamberlain, L. Marini).
Norwegian Radio Big Band, Oslo, Principal and 2 Trombone, improvisations
Soloed with Slide Hamton, Phil Woods and Bill Watrous
Jens Wendelboe Big Band, New York and Oslo
Harstad Jazz Festival, Norway 1985
Jazz Punk Ensemble, Voss Jazz Festival, Norway, 1980
Soloist, both classical and jazz on various assignments in clubs and concerts
Ronnie Scott's, Big Band Leader, London, 1988
With «Blood Sweat & Tears» since 2005

Norwegian Radio Big Band, Oslo, own arrangements and compositions
Norwegian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Oslo, 1984
Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (TV) galla, Amanda Prize Film Awards, 1986
Experimental Theatre, "No Other Time, No Other Place", The Norwegian Theatre, 1986.
International Cesme Music Contest, Turkey, (TV) Arranged & Conducted for Norway & Sweden, 1986.
Sopot Pop Festival and Contest, Poland, (TV) Arranged & Conducted for Finland, 1986.
Oslo Groove Company, 1985-1987.
Jens Wendelboe Big Band, New York and Oslo, 1982-1987.
Les Miserables, The Norwegian Theatre, Oslo, 1988
Jesus Christ Superstar, The Norwegian Theatre, Oslo, 1990.
Donna Summer, Nobel Peace Prize concert in Oslo 2009.

Music to 30 minutes novelle film "Lamin", NRK, Norway, 1988
Music for industrial video, "Citadel", 30 minutes, Norway, 1990

Amanda Prize, Film Awards, with Liv Ullman, Musical Director, Arranger and Conductor, Norway, 1987.
TV. Soloist with own compositions on internordic production, Finland, 1987.
Amanda Prize, Film Awards, with guest star Diana Ross, Musical Director, Arranger & Conductor, Norway, 1986.
Eurovision Song Contest, National And International, (Trombonist, jurymember), 1986.
Sopot Pop Festival, Poland, Arranged and conducted for Finland, 1986.
Inter. Cesme Music Contest, 1986 Turkey, Arr. and cond. for Norway & Sweden, Soloist on various television performances.
Shirley Bassie, Cliff Richards, (trombone player), 1985.
Felicia Weathers, (trombone player), 1983.
Trombonist on various studio and live shows, both classical and contemporary.
"Lørdan", Cond. & musical dir., live Saturday night show, NRK 1988 & 1990.
"Momarkedet", cond. & muscial dir., live fundraising show. NRK 1988, 1989 and 1990.

"Lone Attic", Conducted, composed, produced and arranged all original compositions, 1982, Oslo, Norway.
"Letter From New York", Conducted, composed, produced and arranged all original compositions, 1985, New York.
"Jens Wendelboe Big Crazy Energy Band", Conducted, composed, produced and arranged all original compositions, 1991, Oslo, Norway
"Crazy Energy Jazz Quartet" Oslo, 1997.
"Strolling with the Groove" composer, arranger, conductor, trombonist, Oslo, 1997.
"Get Crazy" with the Crazy Energy Jazz Quartet, composer, trombonist, Oslo, 1999.
"Classical Works of Jens Wendelboe" (not for sale, promo only), 1999.
"Logos" for choir, orchestra, rythm- and horn section, with four vocal soloists. Gospel choir over the gospel of Johanes (Church music), Lynor 2000.
"A Look Inside" (double CD) Band music by Jens Wendelboe. FMKV Divisjonsmusikken, Bergen, Norway, 2002
"Inspiration", Jens Wendelboe Big Crazy Energy New York Band Vol.1, 2010

Recorded with David Foster, Jimmy Webb, Roger Nichols, Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil, Bruce Roberts and Rupert Holmes.
Recording artist on 50 albums from classical, to jazz, to top 40.
Recorded and arr. on various fusion, top 40, jazz, and rock & roll recordings.

Composed and arranged various classical pieces for symphony orchestras to chamber ensembles
Original Big Band Compositions
Norwegian Radio Symphony Orchestra, classical and light
Norwegian Radio Big Band
Various Recordings for the Monroes and Bobby Socks (Best sellers)
Eurovison Song Contest, 1984, 1985, 1986
Sopot Pop Festival, Poland, 1986
Cesme Music Festival, Turkey, 1986
Numerous Norwegian Television, Radio and Theatre Shows
Jingles (Acoustic and/or electronic)

Østlandet Conservatory of Music, Oslo 1990/91. Arranging and composing Royal Academy of Music, Oslo, 1985 to present, Supervisor Jazz Department, Teach Jazz Ensembles, Music Philosophy, Styels and Analysis, Arranging. Participate in International Exchange Programs. Individual Trombone touring. Various recitals for Amateur and Senior Jazz Ensembles and Big Bands. Provide Big Band, jazz improvisation seminars, plus seminars for arrangers.


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