By:Larm: from Octavia Sperati to Tine Ågotnes

MIC continue the by:Larm series and present the last bunch of bands to be showcased in Bergen. Skatebård and Torstein Hyl III in Side Brok are rapping on dialect and dreaming about buying expensive cars. Ida Maria Børli Sivertsen, on the other hand, has ”a voice that many heavymetal bands would kill for.” Read also about Orango, Professor Pez, and Matias Tèllez with Foliage, among others.

Side Brok (Foto: By:Larm-avisen 2004)

Octavia Sperati

Their music has been labeled everything from gothic powermetal to doom-inspired rock and folk-influenced melodic progmetal. Bands like Nightwish, The Gathering, The 3rd and the Mortal and Candlemass are often mentioned as sources of inspiration. Octavia Sperati is the only real girl-metal-band in Bergen, maybe in the whole of Norway? A new record is on it’s way, and will hit you in the head before you know it.


The three brothers that make up Orango met like 3 years ago, went to London to shop for instruments, where they wrote “Something Good” in their hotelroom, and returned to Oslo to write more songs, before hitting the road to show Norway what they were good for. 150 shows and 2 Eps later, the three boys decided to move into a grandmothers house to write music and record. So they did, and that magic is now caught on tape, and Orango are ready to sell many a record, and tour like crazy.

Oslo Athletico

Tore Jazztobakk and Hi-fi Haavik are the the two boys that has been nurturing the Norwegian underground scene with their mix of electro, new-wave and elektronika. The music is based on Tores way of spastically handling the mic, Petters confused guitarplaying and layers of electronic sounds. They’ve released some singles, and has also appeared on various compilations. Played last years Øya Festival.


Based in Oslo, except Per Ole Bratseth who moved to Kentucky to start a band with Hilarie Sidney, known as the drummer in The Apples In Stereo. Soon they will release a 7” and CDEP on Optical Records in the US. The label is done by Hilarie ’s ex husband - Robert Schneider. (Leadsinger in The Apples In Stereo) Palermo are about multiple harmonies, a raw sound, trebly guitars and great melodies.


Five dudes out of Bergen focused on playing correct metal. This mixture is perfectly perfomed when elements of Nu metal, metalcore and Math metal all have their say in their music. After a slow start with six members, they’ve now cut it down to five and worked harder on the concept of the band. Their songs don’t have names, just numbers.

Sam Prekop (USA)

- PRESENTED BY THRILL JOCKEY Sam Prekop is probably most known as the singer and songwriter in the fantastic Chicago-based band Sea And Cake (Thrill Jockey), but he also creates magical music on his own, also released by the Chicago-label Thrill Jockey. His selftitled debut album from 1998 is a fantastic, delicate record, that mixes the sounds of folkrock, soul, jazz, bossa and singer-songwriting. Along with Prekops unique sense of creating perfect pop melodies, this all melts into something very special. This fall we will finally get to hear his second album, and once you’ve been introduced to Prekops musical universe, you are hooked for good. That we can guarantee.

Professor Pez

In January 2002, Professor Pez was chosen as the unsigned artist of the month on national radio, NRK Petre. In the vote at by:larm in 2002, they got in 4th. Since then they’ve grown into a well-established band in Bergen, and they’ve gotten lots of airplay both back home in Bergen, as well as on Petre. Musical referances include Neutral Milk Hotel, Guided by Voices and Flaming Lips. Their first CD is just around the corner.


In 1997, a young and talented band showed up in Trondheim wearing hippie-clothes, flutes, and fiddles, with tons of belief in themselves. With intricate popmelodies and unorthodox instrumental variations, Quintrophenia reminds us of Jethro Tull – or a more rocking version of Bel Canto. Then it was quiet, all until last years by:Larm. They had thrown away the fiddles and replaced them with guitars. Kine Wallums flute-playing is still one of the signatures in their music, along with Stina Moltus playful singing. New material is on its way, and we here at by:Larm felt that the audience deserved a second chance at discovering this fine band.

Red Rama (SF)

Everyday Soundtrack is the name of the exotic finish rapper Lasse, who uses the artist name Redrama. This man is a pale Mos Def or a nordic Eminem, who presents no-coast-beats, his own characteristic ragga-inspired form or rap, and a flow that will make most of the Norwegian rappers VERY jealous… Supported 50 Cent with MadCon and Paperboys in Oslo Spektrum in 2003.


These kids are young, but are still worthy of appearing at Goodvibes. They’re both 16 years old and have lotsa skills, especially being so young. So far they’ve only done a demo with 2 songs in English, but there’s much more to come from these guys.

Robert Post

Robert Post (Robert Fylling) has been working closely with producer Geir Luedys, ever since the producer saw him jamming at Garage in Bergen two years ago. Since then they’ve spent a lot of time in the studio, and the record is just around the corner.

The Sellick Maneuver

Two years ago, Steven Sellick was signed to Trust Me Records, and was at the same time voted ”demo of the month” in NME. The first taste of his long awaited debut album is indeed a winter bonus. (“Here Comes The Snow (Where Did It Go?”). The Sellick Maneuver is moody groovy popmusic, where the use of instruments like theremine and mellotron makes up for a warm and cinematic musical landscape. The Sellick Maneuver may remind you of the best Air, Spiritualized and Mercury Rev has to offer.

Side Brok

Sjef R, Skatebård and the lyrical mastermind Torstein Hyl III decided to form a rap-group in order to make lots of money and be able to buy expensive cars. The singel “En likandes kar” was well-recieved, while the followup “1-2-3-Fyra” went high on the national charts. Rap in a strange Norwegian dialect, for sure. This spring the threepiece will release a record on their own PinaDgreitt Records.

Silence The Foe

These Zoom-winners out of Trondheim are well known for their turbulent stageperfomance, and deliver their extreme and unapolagetic show in the vein of scandinavian hardcore. Bands like Refused, Roadside Monument and Frodus has been relevant inspirational sources for this band, in their battle to turn catchy rhytms, tons of aggression, feelings and creativity into one hell of a musical machinery. Silence the Foe has played lots of shows, and attended by:Larm last year as well.

Ida Maria Børli Sivertsen
“She has a voice that many heavymetal bands would kill for”. “With a Marcus Miller-inspired sound she performed “Summertime” with an impact so sensual that chills must have been on everyones backs. ”. “…Summertime and My Funny Valentine were perfomed perfectly. With her powerful voice, she could be the perfect rock-singer. But based on what we saw Wednesday, it may look like the jazz is taking a hold on her.” (BT, “Engelen”)


A psychedelic duo, with their second record coming out shortly on Trust Me Records. Their debut “The Runner” was released in 2002. The band has gone a bit more commercial and lighter, so to speak, with singing in the Sleepyard-language, as well as shorter songs. Sleepyard consists of the young brothers Oliver and Svein Kersbergen. At by:Larm they’ll play their first show infront of a larger crowd.

Spillsbury (DE)

Synthipunk Et synthband som, for en gangs skyld, ikke skamløst kopierer musikken som ble laget av band med dårlige frisyrer på åttitallet. Med alderen 19 og 26 er duoen fra Hamburg for unge til å ha opplevd denne epoken, noe som sikkert er en ubetinget fordel. Tobias Asches keyboard-drevne musikk inneholder riktignok elementer av gammel New Wave, men dette er New Wave i ordets videste forstand. Energien han tidligere tok ut gjennom sitt (neo-)punk band, kanaliseres nå inn i oscillatorer og microprosessorer. Tilsett vokalist Zoe Meissner som låter som Debbie Harrys uekte barnebarn, og du har en idé om Spillsburys unike lydbilde


A band from Oslo playing rock with Norwegian lyrics. They’re progressing musically day by day, but are inspired by older bands like Kjøtt, Raga Rockers and The Pixies. They’re also stealing alot from 60’s r´n´b and 80’s indie, as well as todays americana and electronica. They’re currently in the studio with Martin Hagfors, where they’re recording an EP which will be out on Askil Holm and Ronny Stenbergs Apache Records.

Steady Steele
The legend has it that the people behind Steady Steele said yes to what they thought was a gig at Resturant Loftet in Knarvik. This was indeed a cleaning job at Sotra. During the cleaning up the band discovered a dusty old cardboard box with the writing “Steady Steele”. The box included textbooks with notes and songs, three vinyl singles, a tape recorded and a bunch of tapes. This turned out to be the lost tapes of the band Steady Steele that was around in Bergen from 1966 – 1970. The band was inspired by folk rock, classic R´n´B, blues and psychedelic rock. No one liked this band while they were around. This fourpiece liked what they head, and rose as a band with the same name. Both records and shows are planned.

Subway Safari

Different impulses has brought this musical collective together. The members have formerly played everything from irish pub folk rock, to black metal and hip hop. Includes members from Radio Jalla, Bronx Arts Academy, and Askil Holm. Live Subway Safari includes lots of vocals, funky joy, and sometimes heavy music with a soul of hip hop. Atleast 7 people on stage. They’ll record a record this spring.

Matias Tèllez with Foliage

With this person, we’re talking about a very young talent. The 14 year old Matias is now signed to New Records. Matias is from Bergen, but has his roots in Chile. Already at the age of 9 he made his first nickels at the town market in Bergen, where he actually ended up getting robbed. A huge talent and a charming boy you will find hard to resist. Inspired by the likes of Syd Barret, The Beatles and South-American 60’s music. Interview in Norwegian on page 11.


Tetsuo has been making electronic music since he was 16. He started by doing thip hop, but has later gotten way more into electronica, electro and breakbeat. He’s released a 12-inch on the label Betu Records, including remixes from Trulz & Robin, Howard Maple and Sascha Müller. Live, Tetsuo does not compromise. Expect dubby dancable electronica and hectic songs.

Thee Mono Sapiens

Dette bandet er i ferd med å manifestere seg som det mest spennende og ordentlige rock‚n‚roll-band Tromsø har fostret siden Diddy Wah Diddy. Thee Mono Sapiens spiller skitten garasjerock med klare inspirasjonskilder i 60-tallets garasjeband, men også nyere band som The Hives. Garasjerocken er enkel og nedstrippa. Den krever desto mer av bandet for å gjøre musikken interessant. Mono Sapiens fikser dette så det holder. Psychobra sanger, ram vokalist og et intenst driv som de topper med å kjøre en gjennomført stil man rett og slett ikke ser så ofte.

Thom Hell

Hell has a melody. A melody inspired by The Beach Boys, Syd Barrett’s madness, Chet Baker’s voice, CSN&Y’s greatness, a bit of Jason Faulkner and most of Tom Waits. Thom Hell released his debut EP ”Tremendous Sinner” not long ago. This includes an impressive list of musicians, including Frank Hammersland (Pogo Pops, Popium), Kåre Vestrheim (Locomotives, Amundsen), Jørn Raknes (Claudia Scott, Popium, Beat Tornados), Bjarte Jørgensen (Tolv Volt, Lavie), Eivind Schou (Madrugada, Ricochets, Serena Maneesh) and Vidar Ersfjord (Velvet Belly, Home Groan).

Under Byen (DK)

During a bike ride in 1995, the idea of Under Byen came up. Katrine Stocholm and Henriette Sennenvaldt has since they were 13/14 years old exchanged texts and music. They gathered several musicians for their project, with drums, harmonica/ percussion, bass/guitar, chello and violin. Under Byen’s universe is dominated by piano, chello, violin, distorted saw, drums and percussion –with a brillian effect. Rock spiced up with some jazz, folk and classical elements.

Unknown Joe

His debut album “My Secret Lookalike” is supposed to come out this winter. With him, on the record, you will find Sgt. Petter, Bosse Litsheim and Espen Mellingen from Ai Phoenix / St. Thomas. With the band The Happy Pants, Unknown Joe has been active in the city of Bergen the last year, playing shows. He’s also contributed to a compilation on Galant Records. Musically, Unknown Joe is in the world of rock/country/soul.


It started with different sounds and emotions back home in Stavanger, which resulted in different, neverendig variations and jams. After a while the band worked out a unique expression, described by themselves as; noise-phonic instrumental music, based on the moods and opposites between animal-like heavy rhytms, guitarnoise and pulsating synthesizer melodies. Read that again, please.


Vajas (Ekko) is the energy that comes to life when three arctic voices meet. These three musicians are all based in Tromsø. The synthesizers and Nils’ songs are often found in Bel Canto, where he’s the one half of the duo. Ánde is a wellknown akademic who works with the rights of the natives. Kristin has mostly worked with folk music, theatre, and all three musicians have all worked on an international level, each in their own variations. Vajas’ brand is the mix of the cold arctic wind, and warm arctic people. Only band on by:Larm with joiking.

Heidi Marie Vestrheim

The leadsinger from the Bergen-based band Atakama has gone solo. Heidi Marie Vestrheim is a great singer/songwriter, with personal and touching lyrics. Besides the music, she has also contributed lyrically to the book “Barfot” as well as the theatric event “Cunts Going Nowhere”. Beautiful music in the folk tradition.


Pass It Records is known for releasing some of the best hip hop this country has to offer. Equicez (nominated for Alarm) got a 6/6 in 12 newspapers when their debut album came out. But there’s more to come. The collective Dirty Oppland, with the two exceptional kids Jaa9 and Onkl P, has been given alot of attention in Norway, and these kids are also nominated for the Alarm-award. Not bad for a record you can hardly find anywhere. Talents like Vivi, Kids Love Wax, Name and Ark Manifest are people we will hear alot more about. In Bergen, Pass It were offered a whole night to convince the people that what they have to offer is some of the best stuff out there.


During by:Larm in Tromsø, they were on stage under the name “Georgeous”, and they now have a new name.This Tromsø-band has progressed immensly the last couple of years. Quiet, honest and believable. Singer Rune Simonsen is undoubtedly a talent, which is easy to hear on their EP “Black Wine” from the spring of 2003.


21 year old Whimsical from Tønsberg won Tommy Tee’s demo competition on national radio P3 in 2000, and is known as one of the biggest talents in rap here in Norway. His debut 12’’ “Till I Drop”/”Off The Beaten Track” was released in the summer of 2001, and received good reviews, and airplay on P3. Whimsical has appeared on the Quart Festival and theMolde Jazz Festival. He also opened up for D12 in the fall of 2001. In August 2002 he released the single “My Rhymes”, and his video was on TV all the time. He did a show at the Roskilde Festival in 2003, and he’s now working on his debut album.

Wicked Vegard

Wicked Vegard is the name of the man that made his first debut on by:Larm in 2003. Added to the line-up is Birgitte Berserk. The music may be described as “retro-lo-fi-straight-out-of-the-bedroom-electronica-pop” mixed with a bit of “pip-pip-casio-disco-buttkickin`-rock.” With the help of an Amiga and some old synthesizers, vocals and guitars, this all makes for a great show, that also includes synchronized dancing.

Wholy Martin

After the release of 3 EP’s on their own label, Wholy Martin plan to release their debut album right before by:Larm. Their Nick Cave and Tom Waits’ish universe represent something very special in the Norwegian pop –and rock world. They’ve moved up alot the last year, with appearences on among other things, the Øya Festival and Club-Quart. Live they bring chellos and horns, in addition to their usual line-up, which includes instruments like keys and percussion.


4 guys from Hamar that wanted something to happen in the music-less hometown Hamar. The result is Wyruz, and the members have earlier on been in bands like Explicit Carma, Criterion and Müstang. Hard and uncompromising music with a great stage appearance. After a few show and support-gigs, an EP is planned as well as more shows.

Tine Ågotnes
In the late 90’s, Tina Ågotnes played in the band Splean with Kåre Kalvenes. Right before they were supposed to play by:larm in 2000, Splean split up, and Tine Ågotnes put her whole heart into writing songs by herself. According to herself, she has enough for a triple album a year for the next 10 years. She’s also played some shows with her band, including Nattjazz and Moldejazz 2001. The song “Blue” has been played alot on national radio, and in 2004 she will most likely release her first record.

The biographies are written by by:Larm

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