A fresh start

January is high season for clichés promising improvement, growth, fat-loss, a new start, new momentum, et cetera, et cetera. For many, these promises are nothing but hollow phrases that belie little change. In MIC’s instance we feel we have a solid foundation when we state that this will be a strong year for Norwegian music, a year which will see MIC following and supporting all scenes and developments.

The list of upcoming releases and tour dates is strong foundation for our sentiment. Lene Marlin, Sondre Lerche, Silje Nergaard, Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren Band, Big Bang, Turbonegro and Amulet are just a few examples of upcoming releases that make for an exiting year. The international attention surrounding Röyksopp and Jaga Jazzist continues while other artists such as Sondre Lerche have also started to feel the mounting focus from abroad. Many acts will tour around the world in the coming months. It has started off well already – January will see such diverse performers as renowned classical pianist Leif Ove Andsnes, electronica duo Xploding Plastix and stone rockers We and El Caco entering stages around the world.

What’s MIC’s contribution to this wave of Norwegian development? Our most important asset lies in our name; Information. Our web-sites and news services are among the most important channels of information for the Norwegian music scene. Ballade.no has established itself as the most important Norwegian language music site with up to 1,5 million hits per month. Mic.no/english has filled an important gap, as it is one of the very few English web-sites dedicated solely to Norwegian music. With up-to-date news, tour schedules, background articles, links, interviews and contact information, MIC offers all information necessary to get a good view of the Norwegian music scene.

MIC’s calendar section offers one of the most comprehensive listings of Norwegian performances abroad. Search chronologically, geographically or by name of artist/performer and you’ll find concert dates, venue information and relevant links.

Our directory reads as a who’s who in Norwegian music. Looking for a record label or a distributor, an agent or a promoter, a club or a festival – it’s all there, just a few clicks and keyboard punches away.

MIC’s download services, Listen to Norway, offers one of the web’s best music databases complete with more than 42 000 titles from over 90 record labels. High quality streaming audio, secure payment systems, fast downloads and ease of use are just a few keywords that help to describe Listen to Norway. On a weekly basis new titles are added, thus giving the active surfer a unique opportunity to stay updated on the developments on the Norwegian music scene. Don’t hesitate, go to the Listen to Norway site and learn which are this week’s new releases.

Listen to Norway is the title for all of MIC’s international promotion activities. MIC handles the international aspect of what is also known as the Purchasing Scheme for New Norwegian Phonograms. Each year app. 35 titles are purchased and distributed to a wide range of recipients in Norway and abroad. Spread all over the world, more than 250 contacts representing media, cultural institutions and governing bodies receive a package that’s a representative cross section of the finest Norwegian releases. For MIC this represents a unique promotion opportunity with which we strive to thoroughly profile a wildly diverse selection of bands and performers. Read more on MIC’s Listen to Norway promotion programme here.

Midem 2003 is just around the corner. Needless to say, MIC will be in Cannes supporting the Norway Now stand co-ordinated by Music Export Norway. MIC will be represented by two delegates and will be present at the Norwegian stand throughout the duration of Midem 2003. Feel free to drop by if you have any questions, need more information or want to share thoughts and opinions on the Music Information Centre Norway and its web-sites.

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