Röyksopp UK tour

With their fresh MTV Awards in their luggage and mounting international success, Röyksopp are gearing up for the last tour dates before retreating to a well deserved Christmas holiday.

Röyksopp, 2002

It’s been a tremendous year for Bergen/Tromsø duo Röyksopp. Their debut Melody A.M. album was released to critical acclaim and commercial success in Norway last year. This year has seen the album released world-wide by Virgin, and through heavy radio play, a tour supporting Moby, three very successful singles and TV adorned videos, the charismatic duo have managed to break into such difficult and somewhat protectionistic markets as the UK. France and Germany have already given in to Torbjørn Brundtland and Svein Berge’s unique cocktail of Scandinavian electronica fused with soulful vocals, and now the US looks set to follow suit. Rolling Stone recently included Röyksopp on their 50 best albums of 2002.

The duo’s itinerary has been packed this autumn, and the two are no doubt looking forward to some R&R this Christmas. There’s just one more event left on the agenda, this week’s four-date UK tour. Berge and Brundtland are joined on stage by Bel Canto vocalist Anneli Drecker who also contributes to A-ha’s records and live-shows.

Poor Leno is Röyksopp’s latest single and you can watch the video here.

For a complete overview of Röyksopp’s UK dates, go to MIC’s event calendar.

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