Knut Værnes - Vertavo: A Night in Cassis

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Knut Værnes – Vertavo's 'A Night in Cassis'

Knut Værnes – Vertavo: A Night in Cassis (cover)

On A night in Cassis guitar virtuoso Knut Værnes is joined by the celebrated Vertavo String Quartet in new arrangements of a number of his most acclaimed compositions. As he himself puts it: ”This album is in a way like recording my own standards in a different format.” With a long and bountiful career behind him Værnes has played with most of Norwegian jazz’s principals and has an impressive discography. Yet transcending the jazz format and working with a string quartet is an old idea and dream the realisation of which has been postponed. Until now, and as those who know his qualities as guitarist and composer expected, the result is remarkable. The magnificent transparency and rhythmic stringency of a string quartet creates a dynamic with Værnes’ guitar that is simply spellbinding and allows the subtle nuances and sheer beauty of the compositions to come forth in their fullness. Critical acclaim of this album has been unanimous and truly superlative

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