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MIC’s Listen to Norway promotional programme now sees a substantial increase in the number of titles shipped to its recipients all over the world. Twice as many records are now included in the promotional programme, all of which are now profiled and presented on our site.

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Finally, all of the latest titles of this year’s first round of LTN titles are now available on the web. Presentations of no less than 71 records spanning from black-metal to contemporary to free-jazz to hip-hop and everything in-between complete with background info and downloadable audio is now available at

Twice a year, MIC ships out parcels of the latest, central Norwegian releases to more than 250 recipients around the world. With solid assistance from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, journalists, media representative, organisation officials, researchers and others are supplied with extensive packages of records and artist profiles. The selected releases represent this year's strongest releases within their genres and make up for an impressive cross section of Norwegian cultural life.

Increased government funding means that the number of titles included in the LTN shipments now are increased substantially. Earlier, a standard shipment typically included some 30-35 titles, now MIC is shipping out twice as many records. This gives us not only an opportunity to better present the strengths and qualities of the Norwegian music scene but also to include releases that previously were exempted from the programme i.e. (historically significant) anthologies, compilations and records released on foreign labels.

Check out all of the titles included in 2004’s first LTN shipment here.

A couple of highlights from the latest shipment: Håkon Austbø: ‘Debussy: Complete works for Piano Solo’, Leif Ove Andsnes: ‘Grieg/Schumann Piano Concertos’, POING: ‘Giants of Jazz’, Elias Akselsen: ’Høstdrømmar’, Håvard Wiik Trio: ‘Postures’,
Atomic: ‘Boom Boom’, Susanna and the Magical Orchestra: ‘List of Lights and buoys’, Dimmu Borgir: ‘Death Cult Armageddon’, Amulet: ’Danger! Danger!’

Read more on the Listen to Norway promotional programme here.

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