Italian success for Xploding Plastix

Renowned Norwegian electronica duo Xploding Plastix won Italian hearts last week as they treated the Bologna and Rome audience to their genre-defying cut-up beats.

Listen to a 30 second clip of Xploding Plastix’ Treat me mean i need the reputation
Listen to more tracks or buy Xploding Plastix’ Amateur Girlfriends Go Proskirt Agents album

Xploding Plastix live - Jens Petter Nilsen and Hallvard Hagen

Xploding Plastix gained an enthusiastic audience across Europe following the release of their 2001 album "Amateur Girlfriends go Proskirt Agents". The album garnered near ecstatic reviews in Norway, and appeared frequently on the national sales charts and radio. Since then, production duo Jens Petter Nilsen and Hallvard Hagen have seen their record released in the UK, Germany, France, Be-Ne-Lux, Austria, Switzerland, USA and Japan. Xploding Plastix have followed up on rave record reviews with equally renowned live-shows in Europe and USA. Tracks by the active duo has appeared on a number of European and US compilations on such labels as Hospital and IRMA records.

Bologna’s Link club was the staging ground for the release party for Colours Magazine’s Nordic Sounds compilation which is released world-wide on renowned Italian indie IRMA records. The 1500-capacity club was packed and more than 1100 avid listeners crammed together to experience an in-form Xploding Plastix colletive. Backed by bass player Erik Velldal, the knob-twiddling duo won Italian hearts with their unique take on Amon Tobinesque broken beats and cut-up polyrhythmic beats.

Says Xploding’s manager Vegard Strømsodd: It was awesome! One of Italy’s biggest dailies La Repubblica ran a two page feature on the band, and recommended the Xploding gig as one of the weekend’s highlights. We’ve got lots of requests to come back for more gigs, and we’ll definitely return if we can fit it into our busy schedule.

Xploding Plastix Roman debut at the Brancaleone club was equally as successful. The club’s capacity was around 1500, and more than 650 squeezed themselves into the club's concert venue. Media interest was strong with the duo doing lots of interviews for radio and newspapers.

Following their successful Italian gigs, Xploding Plastix’ "Amateur Girlfriends go Proskirt Agents" album will be re-launched early next year through a new distributor.
New Italian concert dates are planned for February.

Watch out for the band's alter ego project: Electones. This is a more vocal oriented project consisting of Xploding's Jens Petter Nilsen and Hallvard Hagen with the addition of vocalist Rita Augestad. So far Electones have released one single on UK label Inertia (internationally) and Racing Junior (nationally). Their Summercloud single has been very successful so far, being playlisted by radios and celebrity DJs in Norway and abroad. Proof of the single’s qualities is found in the nominations for BBC Radio 1 guru Gilles Peterson’s All Winners of 2002 Show. Peterson’s playlists reads as a who’s who in modern electronic club music, and the Electones are represented in this exclusive selection. Listeners can vote for Electones' Summercloud as their favourite 2002 single here.

Electones’ next release is the Electricity 12”/CDS which is scheduled for release on UK’s Inertia label March 10 2003. More info on Electones and their upcoming releases can be found here.

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