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Jøran Rudi - Biography

Jøran Rudi (1954) was born in Oslo and began his career in music as a member of one of the more popular Norwegian punk/rock bands from the late 70’s. Following several years of concert activity, his interests drifted towards electronic sounds and synthesizers. His first electronic works (in collaboration with John Persen, another Norwegian composer) were released in 1986. The recording production was pre-digital, using traditional tape editing techniques.

Rudi decided to concentrate his musical efforts within the field of electronic music. In 1985, he moved to New York, receiving his Master’s Degree in Composition at New York University following studies in computer music with Judy Klein. His instrumental writing instruction was supervised by Dinu Ghezzo, head of the Composition Department at NYU.

Since completing his studies, Rudi has worked within the genre of computer music. His list of works contains for the most part compositions for electroacoustic instruments or tape, and he has written pieces for dance, film, performance art and multimedia. His music is performed worldwide.

Rudi’s first academic education was within the social sciences, and the complexity of human behavior and interaction, individuality and collective reciprocity have been frequent background themes in his compositions - as organizing ideas for the interplay in and between the musical structures. Principles from the natural sciences also serve as organizing material, as described in some of the essays appearing on his home page.

Rudi’s focus on interrelating sound and images is also a prominent characteristic of his work; creating different forms of cross-disciplinary mapping, where a variety of musical aspects are modeled to become visible entities. He is interested in developing works that move beyond the traditional music context, and he aims to compose music that is able to sustain a dynamic relationship with new media. Rudi’s current work-in-progress will be realized in the form of a computer music game.

In addition to his activities as a composer, Rudi teaches electronic music, and publishes articles and tutorial materials for education in computer music. Rudi sits on the Boards of several art organizations in Norway and abroad, and was the director of NOTAM - Norwegian network for Technology, Acoustics and Music form the centre opened in 1993 till 2009. He has now a scientific position with the same institution.

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