Norwegian campaign in Texas

News of Norway, the Norwegian US Embassy’s news services ventured down south to cover Norwegian bands playing strong showcases at Austin’s South by Southwest festival. Read more about Madrugada and Sondre Lerche’s Texan ventures.

Madrugada live at the South By Southwest Austin, Texas March 2003 (Photo: News of Norway)

One of the North American music industry’s most important forums is the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. Over 1 100 gigs are played in front of a local audience and more than 8000 conference attendants. This year, no less than six Norwegian bands performed at Austin’s stages.

Sondre Lerche wrapped up a successful US tour with Nada Surf with a well-received gig at Austin’s Tequila Rock. “Hi, I’m Sondre Lerche. I come from a place far, far away”, was the young Bergen songwriter’s opening line. The wunderkind then went on to captivate the audience and was later hailed by Entertainment weekly as one of SXSW’s three best acts.

Another major Norwegian act on another stage was Madrugada – arguably one of Norway’s most successful rock bands of the last five years. Madrugada front-man Sivert Høyem was satisfied after his band’s gig at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas: This was like coming home. I mean, all of our sources of inspiration are from the United States, and it is tremendous for us to actually be able to play here.

Other Norwegian bands to play showcases in Austin included Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band, Cadillac, Span and We.

News of Norway, the Norwegian US embassy’s newsletter runs an extensive article on the Norwegian Austin invasion in its latest issue. Read the full News of Norway article here.

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