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Glenn Erik Haugland

Glenn Erik Haugland (1961) was born on Long Island, USA and moved to Os (pr. Bergen), Norway at the age of 11. He studied at the Norwegian State Academy of Music with teachers Olav Anton Thommesen and Lasse Thoresen. His career started in 1985 as a composer with emphasis on Electro-acoustic music. Soon however he started working within music theatre, in a broader sense of the field. Experiments within performance art, "theatrical concerts", and music theatre for children where important for Haugland¹s development as musical dramatist. Along with Heidi Tronsmo and Ståle Tråsdahl they formed the music theatre group Opera Omnia in 1990. Insights and experiences from composing and staging over 30 productions lead in 2000 -01 to opera successes "PoY!" and "Hulda and Garborg". Whilst "PoY!" has been performed over 130 times all over the world, "Hulda and Garborg" was a public and critic success in Norway. In many ways a breakthrough in Haugland¹s career.

Haugland was a high-profiled president for the Norwegian Society of Composers from 1997 to 2001. The last couple of years Haugland has had success with work for among others Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra. He is now working on commissions for NRK (the Norwegian Broadcasting Company), Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra and the Norwegian National Opera. The later a grand opera based on a book by the famous Norwegian novelist, Ingvar Ambjørnsen.

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