Inferno success

The now sold-out Inferno Metal Festival maintains its position as one of Norway’s most important festivals.

Inferno publikum 2002

In its third consecutive year, the Inferno Festival continues to grow and is now the Norwegian metal community’s most important gathering. This year’s headliners include some of the metal scene’s most vital acts: Immortal, The Kovenant, Entombed, Red Harvest and Necrophagia. The preceding festivals caused such massive response from bands and audience alike that the Inferno committee has chosen to expand this year’s event into a three-day extravaganza of extreme music.

No other Norwegian festival can equal the international media attention subjected to the Inferno Festival. 2002’s Inferno drew 50 foreign journalists representing niche publications such as Metal Hammer and Terrorizer but also larger TV networks and radio chose to focus on the festival which is held the upcoming week at the Rockefeller Concert Hall in Oslo. Inferno now tops last year’s record as it announces that no less than 80 international journalists are confirmed to the festival. None of the other Norwegian festivals can boast a similar international media focus.

The 2003 Inferno Metal Festival is now practically sold out – the tree-day passes are all gone and the opening night is full.

MIC will return with an Inferno round-up after the Easter holidays.

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