A-Ha sign to Universal

After 20 years signed to Warner Brothers Records, a-ha have signed a brand new, worldwide, three album deal with Universal Records.


“The multi-million Euro deal represents a natural development in a-ha’s recording career,” says Manager Brian Lane. “Universal are arguably the most successful record company in the world at a time when the recording industry is going through major difficulties.”

The deal was signed through Polydor in Germany, and according to a recent press statement, a-ha also intend to work closely with Petter Singsaas and his staff at Universal Norway who will be handling the Scandinavian market.

Says Lane on the collaboration with the new partner: “Universal International are looking to fully exploit a-ha’s latent potential in markets such as the USA and the United Kingdom. In connection therewith, following the release of the first studio album, a-ha intend to undertake a comprehensive global tour, incorporating Europe, the USA, South America and the Far East.”

A-ha’s latest recorded outing was “Lifelines” which was released in 2002. 2003 saw the release of “How Can I Sleep With Your Voice In My Head” – a live recording featuring songs performed during the 2002 Lifelines world-tour. A release date for the upcoming a-ha album has not been set.

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