When: Pearl-Harvest

MIC’s Listen to Norway series continues with When’s "Pearl-Harvest" album.

When: Pearl-Harvest cover

When is the brainchild of noted producer slash songwriter Lars Pedersen, a long-standing and very central figure on the leftfield experimental Norwegian stage. The psychedelia-tinged “Pearl-Harvest” is a cornucopia of wild melodic twists, weird samplings, and illustrative aural stylistics with cut up/collage designs. With “Pearl-Harvest” WHEN remains as visceral and seemingly arbitrary as it began in the early 80s, granting its listeners passports to limitless space and time with its sunshiny sike-pop n’ electronica incorporating international ethnic sounds into a heavenly yet weird pop concoction. Tunes that vibrate with creative flow reminisces sort of a film-fantasy score that brings the listener back the fantasy world of Sixties Disney with lush mysterious Eastern-passages. Eclectic, complex, charming, mesmerizing and aesthetic, “Pearl-Harvest” is without doubt one of Pedersen’s strongest outings to date.

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