Support concert for Spanish terror victims

Norwegian pianist Benedicte Palke is arranging the first support concert in aid of the terror victims in Madrid. The concert will take place in Sevilla at the end of this month.

Benedicte Palco

“As a musician, you have an unique opportunity to gather people and support someone. That is why we asked some colleagues to join us, and arrange a concert to collect money for the terror victims. We also want to show that we experienced this just as strong as people who were close to the attacks,” Benedicte Palko says from Sevilla to the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation.

Benedicte Palko is one of the most talented young Scandinavian musicians. Since 1994 she had her residence in Copenhagen, but she is now living in Sevilla, Spain. A frequent soloist in Scandinavia, Russia, Latvia, Hungary, Spain and the USA, Palko is well known for her technical brilliance and beauty of tone and melody. Her repertoire covers a wide range of styles from baroque to contemporary music.

The support concert will take place in a church in Sevilla at the end of March, and the classic repertoire is set for Grieg, Schubert, Beethoven, Poulenc, and Brahms, as well as one minute of silence in respect of the victims.

Support concerts are not very common in Spain, so Palko brought the idea with her from Norway.

“That is the way we do it in Norway, we find a way to show our support. As a musician it was naturally to arrange a concert. To gather around music, either by supporting it financially or just by being there, will be very well appreciated,” Palko says.

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