Fenomenon: Hourglass

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Fenomenon's 'Hourglass'.

Fenomenon: Hourglass (Cover)

Duo Fenomenon have created quite a stir with their trademark broken beats and cut-up collages that are coupled with stellar falsetto vocal performances by the duo’s own Kjetil Ingebretsen as well as a very successful guest appearance of crooner par excellence Thomas Dybdahl. Influences from such eclectic production teams as Jazzanova is evident, but Fenomenon still has tons of integrity and an easily identifiable form of expression. The intricate programming is excellently executed and the overall production is flawless, resulting in one of last year’s strongest outings from the Norwegian electronica scene. Highlights include the infectious Just Pretend, Trouble Takes Flight (featuring Dybdahl) and Lucy Said – highly recommended.

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