Röyksopp confirm album details

Finally, things are happening in the Röyksopp camp in Bergen. Album title, release date and tracklisting for Röyksopp's follow-up to the massively successful 'Melody A.M.' are now announced. 'The Understanding is the title of the duo’s upcoming album that is set to hit the shelves in late June.


One of Norwegian music’s biggest export successes to date, Röyksopp have now confirmed details of their new album.

The highly successful Bergen/Tromsø duo are set to release ‘The Understanding’ on June 27 via Wall Of Sound.

The album was recorded in Bergen, and many of the songs feature vocals from the band themselves as well as a number of celebrity contributors (details not announced yet).

The tracklisting runs:

· ‘Triumphant’
· ‘Only This Moment’
· ‘49 Percent’
· ‘Boys’
· ‘Follow My Ruin’
· ‘Beautiful Day’
· ‘What Else Is There?’
· ‘Circuit Breaker’
· ‘Alpha Male’
· ‘Someone Like You’
· ‘Dead To The World’

The first single from the record will be ‘Only This Moment’, which is out on June 13.

Norwegian electronica duo Röyksopp burst onto the international scene in the 2001/2002 season with their hugely successful debut album 'Melody A.M.' which spawned such anthems as 'Eple', 'Poor Leno' and 'Remind Me' and subsequently sold more than 1 million units. Finally, the Bergen duo's long-awaited sophomore album is now drawing close to a completion, representing one of the year's possible highlights on the global electronica scene.

In a recent interview with Billboard.com, Röyksopp's Torbjørn Brundtland confirms that a follow up to 'Melody A.M.' is set for a summer release. Brundtland also reveals details of an album that is likely to be even more melodic that its predecessor. Says Brundtland to Billboard: "I can tell you that this is definitely a sound which for us is more looking towards the future, than being as reminiscent of the past as our last album was. Even though the last one was called 'Melody A.M., this one is even more about melody. For those who want the atmospheric pieces that were on our last one, they'll probably have to wait for the third album. As it feels right now, we are going extremely into the sort of melodic epic side of things, but the beats aren't as soft as they used to be."

In the Billboard interview, Brundtland admits that there will be even more vocal contributions on the new album, but declines to name any names.

Brundtland also reveals that the Bergen-based duo is poised for a live-comeback, even though as he says: "we never considered ourselves live musicians. But it seems like the songs went down really well, no matter where we played. We have a very sparse setup, so to speak, but we feel energy is more important than having 20 people on the stage."

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