Maria Mena: Another Phase

MIC’s new Listen to Norway series continues with Maria Mena’s strong debut album Another Phase.

Maria Mena - Another Phase

Maria Mena burst into the Norwegian music scene with her emotional breakthrough hit My Lullaby which dealt with her parents divorce. Mena is barely out of her teens, but her songwriting skills belie her tender age. Tunes such as Free, Sleep to Dream and My Lullaby are mature and confident but still full of youthful energy. Another Phase was not just met with critical acclaim - the record buying public also embraced her, thus earning Maria Mena her first album gold. The album was also nominated in no less than three categories for the Norwegian Grammy Awards – Spelemannsprisen. So far, Another Phase has left Maria Mena with two hit-singles, solid sales and a strong following. Not bad for a 17-year old!

Mena and her songwriting/production team are currently preparing a follow-up to her successful debut.

Read more on Maria Mena at her web-site.

Maria Mena: Another Phase (Sony Music Entertainment COL5075902)

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