Stein Skøyeneie - Biography

Stein Skøyeneie

Stein Skøyeneie (1961) received his degree in church music and music education from The Norwegian State Academy of Music in 1984-85.

Since 1979, he has taught in music schools, junior colleges and secondary schools in Oslo, concentrating mainly at the elementary school level. He also teaches classes and rehearses technique with students at the Eastern Norway Conservatory of Music.

Stein Skøyeneie works as an organist and cantor at Oppsal church in Oslo, and has had various positions with the Oslo Association of Church Musicians, Musica Sacra, Oslo Church Choir Association, the Norwegian Union of Teachers and the Oslo Municipality.

Skøyeneie_s compositional work has mainly been focused within the genre of church music and music education material. His earliest works were distinguished by free tonality and harmony based on fourths. His later works are, to larger degree, characterized by a romantic tonal language, often inspired by English Romantic church music and Norwegian folk music.

Translation: Palmyre Pierroux
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