Transjoik: Uia Nami

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Transjoik's Uia Nami

Transjoik: Uia Nami (cover)

Joik is a Sámi word that designates a special kind of singing or chanting that establishes contact with the superhuman and induces trances.
The name Transjoik accordingly refers to this ancient phenomenon and also to its transcendence into the modern world. The members of this Norwegian band are leading Sami musicians with an intimate relationship to the Joik and Sámi musical tradition, and as a band they are among the supreme proponents of exactly the expanded expression that the name indicates. The music is almost impossible to describe to those unacquainted with Joik or other similar vocal expressions. The human voice is the girding element, utilized in unlikely and mesmerizing ways. This chief element of voices is both backed and countered by scarce but intense and insisting instrumentation. Especially the rhythmic element is important as it is in all invoking musical traditions. Transjoik use drums as well as electronic beats, loops and samples. The result is a kind of ambient electronica world-music; trance inducing, enchanting and at times alarming. As musical expression it is without comparison, and it is uniquely global, i.e. human in a way anchored beneath cultural adherence. The band has released four albums and toured extensively. Everywhere they are met with the same reactions of awe and profound acclaim.

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