Successful UK press launch for World Idol winner

World Idol winner Kurt Nilsen’s international career gets another boost after a very successful London press/music industry showcase.

Kurt Nilsen (Foto:BMG)

On 21 April eager and excited World Idol winner Kurt Nilsen played a spirited gig at London’s Villiers Theatre in front of a packed audience that consisted of the cream of the crop of UK press and music business representatives.

The main person, Captain Kurt as he’s referred to these days, was satisfied and relieved: “I’m very satisfied. I’ve been extremely nervous today – there’s something special about playing in England.” More than 200 carefully selected representatives for UK’s media and music industry witnessed an in-form Kurt Nilsen that proved he’s more than an ephemeral TV-show persona.

Says the excited Bergen artist to the Norwegian daily Dagbladet: “Not so many Norwegian artists have been given a go at the UK market, I have and that’s a major compliment. Before me lies an incredible opportunity.”

Head of BMG’s international promotion department Dave Shaz was pleased with the Norwegian artist’s stage appearance at London’s Villiers Theatre: “Kurt has written several of the tunes that he performs, and that proves that even if the Idol-format has been dealt a lot of flak, it really doesn’t matter when you come across people such as Kurt. This was totally unique!”

Giulia Bould and Vicki Robinson from Tower FM were impressed with Kurt’s vocal performance: “He’s got a fantastic voice. A major talent. We’re thoroughly impressed.”

Kurt’s successful debut album “I” has done very well on the domestic market, and since his victory in the World Idol final, international interest has been mounting. Solid sales and heavy airplay has been the result in countries such as Germany, Poland, France and the Be-Ne-Lux countries. “I” has been given high priority by BGM, meaning that the ex-plumber from Bergen is in for a hectic period of showcases, media appearances and touring. Says BMG Norway’s product manager Cecilie Torp-Holthe: “BMG executives have awarded Kurt global priority, which means that all countries within the BMG network are obligated to promote him.

Kurt Nilsen’s successful single “She’s So High” is scheduled for UK release on Norway’s Constitution Day, 17 May.

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