Röyksopp to tour the US

Fresh from their award-winning extravaganza at the Norwegian Grammy Awards, Spellemannsprisen, a rejuvenated Röyksopp is now ready to hit the US stages this week.

Röyksopp, 2002

Tromsø duo Röyksopp are one of Scandinavia’s hottest acts for the moment. Rave reviews for their Melody A.M. album, MTV video awards, Brit Awards nomination and staggering international sales have put the charismatic electronica duo at the forefront of Norwegian music export. Sales figures for Melody A.M. have long since passed 600 000, and the album is still maintaining a good position on the European market. In the UK alone, Röyksopp’s debut album has sold more than 300 000 units.

Röyksopp have been very successful on the European stage with solid sales, radio play and heavy rotation of their award winning videos. Röyksopp’s parent label Virgin initiated a major re-launch of Melody A.M. following the victories at awards combined with hectic touring.

The duo have also recently signed a licensing deal with Universal Music Publishing UK. The deal is rumoured to be quite lucrative and entails a significant advance.

Up until now, the US market has been slow and sales have not equalled the European figures. However things are about to change as very positive reviews and radio play has led to an upcoming US tour. In March, Röyksopp are set to play seven gigs in key cities such as New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Melody A.M. is released on Virgin subsidiary Astralwerks.

Röyksopp’s Torbjørn Brundtland is reluctant when discussing expectations of the duo’s upcoming US activities. In a statement to Norwegian news wire NTB, Brundtland says he and colleague Svein Berge’s US aspirations are realistic and modest: “I believe you have to tour for half a life-time to make an impact over there! At least we’ll not give up before we have tried. I think we can make a relatively good impact – with emphasis on relatively”.

The two Tromsø lads have had a relatively quiet start to 2003. Last year’s hectic touring and promotion in support of their successful album took its toll on the two and they decided to scale down on official duties. One half of the duo, Svein Berge, remained in Norway to participate at some selected events such as the Alarm-prize awards in Trondheim. Brundtland however took a different approach to recreation: he ventured as far south as the Antartic. For a couple of weeks Brundtland traded the hectic urban life for some penguin and ice-berg watching. Judging by their energetic appearance at the Norwegian Grammy Awards – Spellemannsprisen (where the duo took home the Video of the Year and the Spellemanspris award for remarkable achievement) Röyksopp seems to be as vital as ever.

Röyksopp’s US tour kicks off at the Henry Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles on February 5.

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