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Ludvig Nielsen

Ludvig Nielsen (03.02.1906) was raised in Østfold as the next youngest of eight brothers and sisters, and received his education as a church musician at the Music Conservatories in Oslo and Leipzig. He was organist for the Høvik church from 1924-32, and for the Ris church from 1932-35. He was organist and cantor for the Nidarosdomen during 1935-76, conductor for the Nidaros Cathedral Choir which he founded in 1946, and was conductor for the Nidarosdomen Boys Choir for approximately 25 years. He also conducted the Olavs Choir for many years.

Since 1950, he yearly performed Bach's Christmas Oratory and one of the Passions (John and Matthew) in association with the Trondheim Chamber Orchestra. He has also performed a number of other larger choral works (his own included), and can count approximately 500 musical prayers with the most important works in organ literature among his performances.

His concert performances as either organist or conductor took place in most towns in Norway and other Scandinavian countries, in addition to concerts in England, Germany and Austria; The Stefan Cathedral in Vienna. He has also recorded two albums with his own works.

Nielsen taught church music for a number of years at the Trondheim Music School, and at the Norwegian Teachers College.

His production as a composer for church music was considerable: Five full-length concerts (choir, soloists and orchestra), numerous works for organ, cantatas, motets, etc. Nielsen has completed several commissions, among others Concerto for Organ and Orchestra for the occasion of the 100 Year Anniversary of The Oslo Conservatory of Music/The Norwegian State Academy of Music) - performed at the Oslo Concert Hall in 1983.

Nielsen served as Chairman of the Trøndelag Organists Association for 12 years following it's founding in 1947, and as a Board Member and Vice-Chairman in Norwegian Association of Church Musicians. He became an honorary member of both of these organizations.

In recognition of his considerable church music activities throughout the years, Nielsen received many awards, among which are St. Olav Knight of First Class, Danebrog, The Norwegian Cultural Council's Music Award 1976, Lindemansprisen 1979 and the Trondheim Municipality Cultural Award 1983.

Ludvig Neilsen passed away in Trondheim on April 22nd 2001.

Translation: Palmyre Pierroux
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