Hilde Marie Kjersem: Red Shoes Diary

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Hilde Marie Kjersem's 'Red Shoes Diary'

Hilde Marie Kjersem: Red Shoes Diary (cover)

This vital and young quartet led by charismatic vocalist Hilde Marie Kjersem has its origins at the Norwegian State Academy of Music. All compositions and lyrics on ‘Red Shoes Diary’ are written by Kjersem bearing witness of a mature songwriter with a penchant for strong melody lines and simplistic, yet challenging texts. The all-acoustic format with piano, drums, double-bass and vocals suits Kjersem well, providing the songs with a fitting format that allows much to be said with little bravado. Kjersem is at the forefront of the new wave of young, highly talented, confident and creative Norwegian female jazz vocalists that prove they can write lyrics, compose and lead ensembles on an equal, or even better, level to their male counterparts. Given the talent displayed on ‘Red Shoes Diary’, Kjersem is bound to maintain her leading role for many years to come.

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