Röyksopp’s Eple on Apple

The Tromsø duo Röyksopp is making another appearance on the screen. Now, listeners can hear “Eple” (apple) for one minute every time they turn on a new Apple computer.

Röyksopp close-up

The computer company Apple has decided to use “Eple” as background music on their new operative system. Apple estimates 10 million users of their new system, Mac OS X Panther, which is equivalent to Microsoft’s Windows on PCs.

The deal means enormous distribution of the Norwegian success duo to millions of OS X users. Röyksopp’s album Melody A.M. has become an instant hit world-wide and MTV has had heavy rotation of their award winning videos.

“It is unnecessarily to ask why the song “Eple” was chosen”, says Arne Odden in Apple Norway to the Norwegian Broadcasting Company.

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