Knut Reiersrud: Sweet showers of rain

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One of Norway’s indisputable guitar-heroes takes a step further on his latest album. While his feet are solidly planted in his traditional blues roots, his fingers and head take in new contemporary impulses. Influences from modern genres like electronica, hip-hop and r’n b complement traditional tunes. Knut’s vocals are accompanied by samples of the old blues masters as well as newer elements such as rapping and cut n’ paste loops. Reiersrud’s authority shines through as he pays tribute to his heroes - thousands of gigs and more than one hundred releases have resulted in a unique voice that’s instantly recognisable. With deep pulsating grooves and haunting vocal samples as a foundation, Reiersrud is left with ample room to demonstrate the command of his instrument.

More info on upcoming gigs and releases can be found here.

Knut Reiersrud: Sweet showers of rain (Kirkelig Kulturverksted – FXCD 243)

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