Solid May sales

The Norwegian phonogram market has stabilised and is steadily growing - May sales are up 11% in volume compared to last year.


As reported by MIC, sales of phonograms on the Norwegian market have grown steadily over the last year. Sales of foreign releases have increased, but it’s primarily domestic records that have seen the strongest improvement of sales.

May saw an increase in sales of phonograms amounting to 11% in volume, but also a decrease of 1% in value compared to May 2002.

Sales of CDs were up 8% in volume and down 1% in value compared to the same period last year.

One of the most pleasing of the many positive developments on the Norwegian market is the increasing percentage of domestic releases. Sales of Norwegian releases are now up 11% compared to May 2002.

Sales of singles can also boast a considerable growth in sales in May: up 59% in volume and 1% in value compared to May 2002.

The accumulated sales in 2003 amount to 4,6 million albums and 382 000 singles shifted – a total value of NOK 313 (€ 39,32) mill.

The governing trend in 2003 has been that of a stable market which started slowly in January, but has since stabilised and recuperated. The upcoming summer months are traditionally quiet, but both festivals and weather can affect sales. Generally speaking, rain equals increased sales and strong festival turnout can contribute to increased demand for the performing artists’ releases.

Domestic artists are still maintaining strong positions on the national sales charts. Norwegian artists are occupying four of the top ten positions on the album charts: The Idol compilation (from the massively successful talent TV-show Idol) occupies the second position. Lower down we find D.D.E’s latest album “Vi e konga” debuting at no. 3. d’Sound’s fourth album “Doublehearted” is down two places from third to fifth, and on the sixt place we find Tre Små Kinesere’s “Gammel Sykkel” album. Turbonegro have struck gold with their “Scandinavian Leather” album which has achieved gold-status and is presently occupying no. 7 on the album charts – down from no. 5 last week. Further down the list we find strong and good-selling releases from artists such as Henning Kvitnes, Bertine Zetlitz, Cato Salsa Experience, Nathalie Nordnes as well as Turbonegro’s classic 1998 album “Apocalypse Dudes”.

Read the national album charts, the “VG-lista” Top 40 in full here.

The singles charts can be found here.

Market shares May 2003:

Universal 27% (-5,9%)
EMI Recorded Music 17,6% (+5,6%)
Sony 12,9% (+6%)
BMG 11,2% (+5,8%)
Warner 8,5% (-5,6%)
Tuba 3,8% (+0,9%)
VME 3,7% (+1,9%)
Playground 3,7% (-3,9%)
Bonnier Amigo 2,8% (-3,6%)
Master Music/Naxos 2% (-0,9%)
Arcade 2% (+1,8%)
MNW 1,1% (-0,3%)
Tylden 0,9% (+0,8%)
KKV 0,8% (-0,4%)
Bare Bra Musikk 0,7% (-0,6%)
Other 1,2% (+0%)

Total turnover in May 2003 was NOK 59,2 mill. (€ 7,4)

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