Lasse Thoresen featured in Classica Repertoir

Norwegian composer Lasse Thoresen is profiled in the latest issue of Classica Repertoir in France. Thoresen, who is the Nordic main guest at this week’s Présences festival, is described by the magazine as a ‘revelation’.

Lasse Thoresen

Thoresen is selected as composer in residence three years ahead at Radio France's music festival Présences 2004 taking place 30 January till 14 February. The honourable commission is background for increasing interest for the contemporary composer in France. Classica Repertoir is a highly respected publication in France, owned by the L'Express group. The magazine has a circulation of 30 000.

Lasse Thoresen's piece Lřp, lokk og linjar will be performed by Bergen based contemporary music ensemble BIT 20 and folk music singer Berit 3 February at the festival. In the festival program the piece is presented as "the influence of spectre and Tristan Murail on Norwegian cows (!)

Even though Lasse Thoresen is fairly unknown in France, journalist Bertrand Dermoncourt writes that Thoresen is central at the contemporary music scene in Norway together with distinguished composer Arne Nordheim.

The journalist refers to Thoresen’s important position as a professor at the Norwegian Academy of Music, and his close connections to performing musicians. The recordings L’oiseau du coeu” (Oslo Trio), Concerto pour violon (Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra), and extraordinary Concerto pour deux violoncelles are referred to. The last work, which will be presented at Présences in 2005, is reviewed very favourable.

Rene Bosc, festival director at Présences, is also interviewed in the article. He describes Thoresen as “a masterly composer, who will get a special position as a composer in residence”. The director compares this year’s presentation Poursuites, appels et voies (in Norwegian, Lřp, lokk og linjar ) with Noces by Stravinskij and Folk-Songs by Berio.

The article is concluded with the expression ‘A suire’, which means ‘a person to keep an eye on.’

Anne-Rikter Svendsen's text was translated from Norwegian by Bente Kalsnes

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