Norwegian participants to Popkomm 2004

26 companies are set to represent the Norwegian music scene at the upcoming Popkomm fair in Berlin

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No less than 26 companies and eleven bands represent Norway at the Popkomm in Berlin which runs from 29 September to October 1. The Norwegian music trade fair delegation is as strong as last year's and a welcome trend this year is the emergence of a number of new labels and companies who are in for their first Popkomm ever. The majority of the delegates represent independent record labels, but artist managements, publishers, production companies and various organisations/institutions are also bound for Berlin.

The Norwegian delegation congregated at the Norway Now stand which is facilitated by the co-ordinating body Music Export Norway and its Managing Director Inger Dirdal.

A total of eleven acts are confirmed to play Popkomm showcases. Listings of dates and venues can be found here.

These are the Norwegian companies that are present at Popkomm 2004:

Vox Management
Stavanger-based management firm that handles the very successful careers of Thomas Dybdahl, Helldorado, Mayflies and Kaizers Orchestra front man Ottestad’s solo outings.
Representative is Kenneth Andersen.

Independent label with a broad and diverse profile that spans from rock and hip-hop to commercial pop, soundtracks and even contemporary music. Strong back-catalogue and a well-built international network (particularly in South East Asia). Key artists include Furia (who are scheduled to perform a Popkomm showcase), Oslo Fluid and Birgitte Stærnes.
Representative: Larry Bringsjord

Artspages Operations AS
Artspages is a global partnership of rights owners and technology providers – a nexus between the arts, media and R&D community facilitating sustainable eCommerce in the culture and content industries. Artspages aggregates music and associated copyrights from throughout the world, digitises that content and supplies it to B2B customers globally. Representative: Eivind Brydøy

Another veteran label with a long-standing and strong international profile. Has experienced considerable success with such Norwegian language (!) artists as Kari Bremnes.
Representative: Hege Marit Folkestad

A key independent distributor as well as parent company for a number of vital labels such as Port Asur and TWPB.
Representatives: Helge Handeland, Espen S. Røhne, Roar Hals and Ragnar Vikse.

NewClear Sound
Oslo-based music production company focusing on songwriting, production and remixing for a wide range of record companies, TV/Radio, artists and commercial producers.
Representative: Tom-Steinar Hanssen

Rikskonsertene - The Norwegian Concert Institute
Annually, Rikskonsertene holds app. 10 000 concerts throughout the whole of Norway with audience attendance exceeding 1 million. More than 1000 professional musicians are employed by the organisation each year. Rikskonsertene creates concert productions in a wide variety of music genres and offers concert programmes of high quality to organisers throughout the country.
Representative: Guro Kleveland

Bureau Storm/by:Larm
by:Larm is the central meeting forum for the Norwegian music industry. The showcasing event/seminar/debate forum is held on a rotating basis in the biggest Norwegian cities and gathers the who's who of the Norwegian music scene.
Representative: Erlend Mogård-Larsen

Little Label
Kristiansand-based live-electronica outfit Nud's own label. Has enjoyed a successful international launch, particularly in France.
Representative: Judit Premak and Daniel Nordgård

M3: Music AS
M3: Music focus on label & distribution management, promotion & marketing management, licensing management, compilation access management as well as publishing/sub publishing.
Representative: Tom E. Skjølingstad

Planet Noise
Planet Noise is an independent record label that operates a unique “virtual artist pool” and a well-run web-site for music downloads. Focus is on electronica and key artists include Bermuda Triangle, Ost & Kjex, Nils Noa, DJ Ariane and Gork.
Representative: Karen Thommesen

Music Export Norway
The co-ordinating body for the entire Norwegian presence at Popkomm 2004. Runs the Norway Now stand and promotes companies and showcasing bands at the trade fair.
Representatives: Inger Dirdal and Helene D. Broch

daWorks Records
Label that showcases some of the strongest names on the Norwegian r'n'b circuit such as d'Sound and Winta. d’Sound have experienced strong international attention lately, and the German market in particular has shown great interest.
Representative: Jørn Dalchow

A6 Management
A6 management works with music production companies and record companies in order to develop high quality solutions for professional music businesses. A6 focuses on great songs, tight production, and peak output. Partners include musicians, producers and songwriters for A-ha, A*teens, Ace of Bace, Five, Mariah Carey, (World Idol winner) Kurt Nilsen, etc.
Representative: Ole Andreas Hagen

Black Balloon Records
Another strong independent with a hard-hitting profile. Key acts include El Caco, Lowdown and Camaros.
Representative: Christer Hansen

Big Dipper Records
One of the most successful indies of the last year with their flagship Minor Majority who have reached gold sales on the domestic market and experience current international interest, particularly in France. Other key acts to look out for include Brimstone, Orango, The Launderettes and Bronco Busters.
Representative: Geir Tore Grinde

Solid electronica label that's rapidly expanding internationally. Key artists include Boy, Flying Edward, Sternklang and Perculator.
Representatives: Oskar Libæk and Henrik Mehl

Radar Booking
Central booking agency with a roster that includes a long list of key domestic and international artists and acts ranging from Cannibal Corpse to UK Subs.
Representative: Heidi Remmen

Voices Music and & Entertainment (VME)
One of Norway's most central independent distributors with a solid roster that contains a wide variety of labels and genres. Will also represent such key indie labels as Beatservice and Smalltown Supersound.
Representatives: Jan Schmidt, Ketil Sveen and Frode Øien.

Perfect Pop
Home of charming and intriguing retro-acts The Jessica Fletchers, The Loch Ness Mouse and The Tables.
Representative: Erle Strom

Grappa Musikkforlag AS
Veteran independent label with a varied and strong roster. Has enjoyed considerable international attention for such acts as Zuma and Johanna Demker.
Representative: Helge Westbye

Checkpoint Charlie Audio Productions AS (CCAP)
Independent record label which has experienced tremendous success on the domestic market with its main act Thomas Dybdahl who has reached gold sales with his two critically acclaimed albums. Another central act is Helldorado who are set to release their “Director’s Cut” album through Glitterhouse in Europe and tour the Continent following the album launch.
Representative: Tom H. Brekke

Next To.. Management
Next To.. is an Oslo based artist management company that also offer production services and event planning. Key activities are artist management and development, production and tour planning, contracts and licensing, accounting services, legal services as well as tax and investment planning.
Kay acts include Kaizers Orchestra, Samsaya, Noora, Bel Canto and Ugress.
Representative: Eivind Brydøy

OSITO Records
Fresh and vital independent record label that is home to such acts as Alpine Those Myriads, Cerrato and La Mascara Snake.
Representative: Bjørn Torjus Hanssen

Talent Video & Audio Produksjon AS
Independent label with considerable success on the domestic compilations market. Talent also represents such acts as successful c&w outfit Bullseye and releases compilations featuring traditional Norwegian folk music.
Representative: Arve Sigvaldsen

The Music Information Centre Norway will also be at the Norwegian stand in Hall No. 17 Stand 107. MIC's representative is editor Tomas Lauvland Pettersen

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