Majorstuen: Majorstuen

MICs Listen to Norway series continues with Majorstuen: Majorstuen

Majorstuen cover (Anne Lise Flavik / Fotofabriken)

This young and creative collective succeeds in utilising the totality of artistic ingredients within the Norwegian musical heritage, thus producing breathtaking new perspectives. The listener is treated to a wide range of expressions: from melancholic fiddle-tunes, good-natured folk dance parodies to astonishingly pointed and vital new compositions. The fiddlers of Majorstuen manage to convey a certain purity of sound that results from six fiddles with no other accompaniment and a real energy arising from the resulting pulse. The common denominator for Majorstuen’s compositions and live performances is a pure, vital and energetic presence that serves as the foundation for wide-searching musical exploration. Majorstuen represents vitality, flawless performances and a striking presence - essential listening for anyone with a love of the Nordic fiddle sound.

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