Magne Amdahl - Biography

Magne Amdahl (06.09.1942) is a composer, orchestra conductor, and pianist. He was a pupil of Babben Lavik Johnsen during 1950 - 62, and then of Ivar Johnsen during 1963 - 67. He continued his studies at the Conservatoire Royale i Brüssel with Prof. J. Solheid and Vladimir Ashkenazy. He studied composition with Conrad Baden, conducting with Herbert Bergene and Alf Sjøen, and trombone with Hroar Aasgård.

Amdahl worked as orchestral pianist in Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra for five years and as accompanist in the Norwegian State Opera. He has had a considerable career as a musician, accompanist, conductor and composer in the theatres in Oslo. 1970-2000 he was conductor, accompanist and music consultant for the Oslo Nye Teater.

Magne Amdahl has received a number of first prizes in composition competitions: In 1970 we won Prix Jeunesse Internationale, München, for music for a short film. In 1994 he won a Nordic prize for light orchestral music. From the Norwegian Society of Composers and Lyricists he received the Work of the Year Prize twice: 1974 for a piece of chamber music, and in 1994 for an orchestral work.

Magne Amdahl is a member of the Society of Norwegian Composers and of Society of Composers and Lyricists (popular composers).

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