Utla: Song

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UTLA: (cover) Song

Powerful waterfalls during spring. Cows walking by. Water dripping on a rock. These are some of the images Song brings to mind. The new album by Utla presents new aspects of sound and imaginary journeys through Norwegian landscapes. UTLA´s music is deeply rooted in the tradition of Hardanger fiddle playing, yet connected to urban musical impulses. The unique trio is made up of respected veteran performers Terje Isungset (drums, percussion Jews harps), Karl Seglem (tenor sax, ram´s horn) and Håkon Høgemo on Hardanger fiddle. Featured guest vocalist is renowned folk singer Berit Opheim. Her voice is pure folk music, made all the more marvellous in a setting like this where Seglem's raw horns and Høgemo's brittle fiddle offer a platform for a soaring sound. Isungset wraps everything up with unpredictable tempos and unnerving plunks and plops from all kinds of percussive noise devices.

Utla med Berit Opheim: Song (NORCD)

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