A stabilised market

No dramatic developments for sales of recorded music on the Norwegian market. Despite a slight decline in April’s sales, it’s still much a stabilised situation for Norwegian record labels.


The latest figures from the Association of Norwegian Record Distributors show a decline in phonogram sales that amounts to 8% in volume and 9% in value compared to April 2002.

Singles sales are down 8% in volume and 17% in value in April.

A very positive development for Norwegian recording artists is the increase of domestic repertoire. Sales of Norwegian productions are up 2% in volume and 14% in value compared to 2002. Given last year’s boom for domestic releases, it’s a reassuring development for those fearing a short-lived strengthening of the homebred industry.

The total accumulated sales in 2003 now amount to 3,7 mill. albums and 290 000 singles sold. This makes for a total turnover of NOK 254 mill. Compared to the same four months in 2002, this year’s figures signify a stabilised market that serves as a stark contrast to other nations dropping markets.

Norwegian acts are maintaining strong positions on the national Top 40 album charts. Occupying the no. 1 spot is famed deathpunks Turbonegro with their acclaimed come-back album Scandinavian Leather. Further down the list we find 80s corporate metal veterans TNT (no 5.), newcomer Maria Arredondo (no. 15), Bertine Zetlitz and her massively acclaimed Sweet Injections album (no. 16), debutante Natalie Nordnes (no. 19), a-ha and their latest live-album (no. 22), Ephemera (no. 26) as well as older releases from Gåte, Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren Band and Bjørn Eidsvåg occupying the bottom of the top 40 list.

Market shares April 2003:

Universal 32,9% (-14,8%)
Warner 14,1% (+3,1%)
EMI Recorded Music 12,0% (-17,5%)
Playground 7,6% (+5,8%)
Sony 6,9% (-3,6%)
Bonnier Amigo 6,4% (+3,9%)
BMG 5,4% (-2,8%)
Master Music/Naxos 2,9% (+0,7%)
Tuba 2,9% (-0,8%)
VME 1,9% (-0,1%)
Tylden 1,7% (+0,3%)
MNW 1,4% (-5,0%)
Bare Bra Musikk 1,3% (+0,6%)
KKV 1,2% (+0,8%)
Arcade 0,1% (-0,5%)
Other 1,2% (+0,3%)

Total turnover in April 2003 was NOK 52,7 mill.

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