The Indikation: In terms of

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with The Indikation's 'In terms of'

The Indikation

In terms of (the Indikation) is this Norwegian band’s first full-length album. The Indikation enjoys a special notoriety for a number of reasons. Chiefly their reputation rests on their absolutely unwavering embracement of British pop sixties. This embracement is so minute and all-comprising that spectators find themselves not simply reminded or momentarily swept back, but transported wholly and lastingly to a different time. This is no phenomenon of “zeitgeisty” strong influence, playing out certain traits of bygones to enhance something conceived as novel. The Indikation do not meddle with their art in this way, their stance is not veiled and their commitment is absolute, unwavering and therefore in a very special way true. The Indikation’s music and performance leave the listener exhilarated, for the music oozes a singular sentiment: the thrill of an “undecided summer tomorrow.”

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