Annie’s "Chewing Gum" single of the week in NME

The autumn seems to belong to Annie and her infectious "Chewing Gum" single. Intensifying airplay and Single of the week in NME bode well for Annie’s future and upcoming album.


Things are looking positive for hot-tipped Bergen chanteuse Annie whose upcoming album is spearheaded by an irresistible and totally infectious single; “Chewing Gum”. Annie’s latest single is produced in companionship with noted studio wiz Richard X of Sugababes and Rachel Stevens fame. Richard X is also partly responsible for the rave reviews garnered by Bertine Zetlitz’ 2002 album “Sweet injections”.

BBC radio DJ Pete Tong also gives high priority to Annie’s latest single and has included “Chewing Gum” on his list of most essential recent single releases.

NME’s Alex Needham joins in and highlights “Chewing Gum” as single of the week. Says Needham on the bubblicious affair:

“We’re slightly premature in reviewing “Chewing Gum” – it’s out around now as a limited edition seven-inch single but isn’t properly released until September, Even if it was scheduled to be the last single released before the Apocalypse, however, we’d still bend the rules in favour of this, a single that manages to radiate ice-cold Nordic aloofness and yet be so ludicrously chirpy it makes Britney sound like Patti Smith.

The reason lies in the inspired pairing of Annie with Richard X. She’s the Norwegian chanteuse who caused a stir in the danced undergrowth with her Madonna-sampling (and, alas, inaccurately titled) ‘The Greatest Hit’ a few years ago. He’s the former bootleg kink who took the Sugababes and Rachel Stevens to the top end of the charts while retaining a fondness for the kind of Sheffield electro-sleaze sells ten copies in Rough Trade and zero in HMV. Together, they’ve made a record that can hold its own on the coolest dancefloors and in the CD:UK studio alike, that will unite everyone from indie fanboys to Dido fans in appreciation of its bubblicious charms.

The lyrics compare men to confectionery and are sighed in an almost illegally high and breathy voice by Annie, who sounds like she could overdose on oxygen alone. The music is a Day Glo homage to ‘80s punk funk (specifically the Tom Tom club’s much sampled ‘Genius of Love’), with electro pings and whizzes underpinned by clattering percussion and a booty-pinching bassline. If we were more muso we could attempt to explain exactly why this record works – something to do with the way the tune’s laid over the rhythm to make It sound deliciously off-kilter. But that would be like performing vivisection on a butterfly. Better to enjoy the summery splendour of ‘Chewing Gum’ whole.”

Annie’s next single is the aptly titled “Heartbeat” that is produces by one of her Bergen colleagues; Torbjørn Brundtland of Röyksopp fame.

Annie is signed to 679 Recordings in the UK – better know as Mike Skinner aka The Streets parent label. Her debut album “Anniemal” is scheduled for release late in September.

In all other territories, Warner will handle the promotion bit.

Annie’s new web-site will be up and running soon.

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