Satyricon launch US tour with Slipknot guest drummer

Early December marks the kick-off for Satyricon’s much awaited and extensive US/Canadian tour that features Slipknot’s Joey Jordison in the drum seat.

Satyricon 2004

“The Return of The Antichrist” is the fitting title given to Norwegian extreme-metallers Satyricon’s upcoming US/Canadian tour. The 18-date tour that covers major destinations such as San Francisco, LA, Austin, New York and Montreal features support acts Infernal Majesty and 3 Inches Of Blood.

In April, Satyricon were scheduled to support Morbid Angel on an US tour that was to coincide with the release of Satyricon’s latest album “Volcano” on the North American market. A major setback came in the form of a revoked work and residence permit due to drummer Kjetil “Frost” Haraldstad’s thirteen year old and obsolete sentence for violence. Satyricon and its crew were initially cleared for entry to the US by the Immigration and Naturalisation Services (INS) but a work and residency permit application was turned down by the Scandinavian branch of the Department of Homeland Security. It was only drummer Kjetil “Frost” Haraldstad’s application that was turned down by the Department of Homeland Security – the rest of the band was granted work and residency permits.

Rescue from the dilemma arrived with well-known drummer Joey Jordison from even better-known Slipknot who will fill in for Frost on Satyricon’s upcoming US tour.

Front-man Satyr is pleased with the new line-up for the band’s upcoming tour: “I’m just very glad that we have a new tour lined up. I think all of our fans stateside will agree that Satyricon deserve a better chance to establish the band and our style of music we believe in. O think our music, our effort and all the people who believe in Satyricon in the US want us to succeed and Joey Jordison is a good example of that. I never had t convince him that touring with Satyricon would be “cool”. It was rather a question of overcoming the practical obstacles with Joey being a key member of a very successful band, His enthusiasm and skill is exactly what Satyricon needs to raise the spirit in the camp. I have looked for drummers over here and most of them are afraid they can’t match Frost’s level of drumming so they pull out before we even get started with them. Joey and I have spent a lot of time making sure he is well prepared; and it is nice to be able to fulfil the wishes of all the fans I talked to on the Morbid Angel tour who wanted to see us play in America. Satyricon is coming back!”

Satyricon’s latest album “Volcano” was originally released on the domestic market some two years ago. The European edition was released last year, while the US launch took place this spring. The reviews have been many and the majority of them have been rave, declaring “Volcano” a true classic of its time and genre. A quote from Robert Müller’s Metal Hammer review is representative for the bulk of the reviews: “This is genuine art, as I fell it is more worthwhile to encounter you personal demons in a stranger’s work than to be befuddled by anonymous and insubstantial illusions of happiness. In this sense ’Volcano’ is certainly no pop music, but without any doubt any doubt something that deserves popularity, if only for its sincerity. “

Volcano is released by EatUrMusic/Columbia Records on the North American market.

Check out star director Jonas Åkerlund’s Fuel for Hatred video here.

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