Norsk Barokkorkester: The works of Freithoff

MIC’s Listen to Norway profile series continues with Norsk Barokkorkester’s (The Norwegian Baroque Orchestra) release "The works of Freithoff".

Norsk Barokkorkester: The works of Freithoff cover

Johan Henrik Freithoff (1713-1767) is one of the few Norwegian composers from the middle of the 1700s. Little is known about this composer, whose works weren’t discovered until the 1940s. Freithoff’s musical legacy lives on however, and the Norsk Barokkorkester with artistic leader Ketil Haugsand on harpsichord has taken on the task of preserving the works of one of Norway’s few composers from the 1700s. The vein from where Freithoff draws his musical ideas is strong and colourful, resulting in energetic and virtuous passages that are masterfully executed by the Norsk Barokkorkester and Haugsand.

Norsk Barokkorkester: The works of Freithoff (Simax Classics PSC1220)

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