Maria Mena hits US radio charts

US Top 40 radio stations award extensive rotation to Maria Mena’s "You’re the only one" - not even Britney Spears can rival the Norwegian artist’s American chart performance!

Maria Mena 2004

Norwegian pop-phenomenon Maria Mena beats international mega-stars of Britney Spears’ calibre on their home-turf; USA. This week, Maria Mena’s “You’re the only one” was the song that was most frequently picked up by US Top 40 radio stations.

In two weeks, the listeners of the Clear Channel Network, the world’s most extensive radio network, will cast their votes and decide whether if Mena’s “You’re the only one” is to be accepted for heavy airplay on the channels top hit-lists. All newcomers to the various radio stations are subjected to this vote and the alternatives are simple; break or bust.

Says Mena’s manager Rune Lem of Gunnar Eide Concerts on Mena’s US radio campaign: “It’s either thumbs up or down for Maria – there’s no middle road. The grass-root level response has been formidable, but it’s still way too early to make any conclusions on any future US success”.

As of writing, Mena’s “You’re the only one” occupies the 21th spot on New York radio station Z100’s play list – the biggest commercial US ratio-station next to LA’s KIIS-FM (which also strongly supports Mena’s single). Mena’s single was played 469 times on US radio last month – meaning the tune is not a hit yet, but still showing very positive development on the radio networks’ playlists.

This weekend, MTV aired a Maria Mena special, declaring the Oslo artist the “pop-sensation from Norway”. The “You’re the only one” video is now seeing increased voting on the viewer-controlled TRL-list which in turn controls heavy rotation programming on the TV-network. Says Lem on the effects of the MTV special: “Interest surrounding Mena literally exploded after the show!”

Maria Mena is scheduled for a short promo tour in the US in July. MIC will return with concert dates and venue info.

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