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Greta Jordhøy (Foto: MIC/Lisbeth Risnes)

Greta Jordhøy (born in Odda, Hardanger 11.04.1932) graduated as a teacher of musical kindergarden from the Eastern Norway Conservatory of Music in 1962. Later she studied harmony and counterpoint with Kolbjørn Ofstad. In 1975 she graduated as a vocal teacher from the Norwegian Academy of Music. 1962 - 1976 she taught harmony at the Eastern Norway Conservatory of Music. 1976 - 1996 she taught harmony, voice and ear training at the Music Department of Manglerud Secondary School in Oslo.

In 1996-97 she participated in three courses at the Morley College in London in songwriting and jazz. She has also participated in the course ”The Craft of Musical Theatre” at Goldsmith College in London – arranged by The Musical Alliance and Chris Grady.

Greta Jordhøy made her debut as a composer in the 1960’ies, when she had a number of performances in the Norwegian Broadcasting Co. with the Stavanger Radio Orchestra. Since year 2000 she has had a number of performances in Oslo, arranger by the Munch Museum, the Norwegian Academy of Music and the Grieg Society in Oslo.

I May 2004 her works ”Tango Amorose”, Alvedans” and ”La donna sensibile” for flute and guitar were performed in Ravenna and Milan, Italy, in connection with a mosaic exhibition by the Norwegian artist Marit Bockelie, who released the CD Mosaic in 2006 with five pieces by Grete Jordhøy.

Greta Jordhøy became a member of the Society of Norwegian Composers in 2009.

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