Soaring soundscapes

The Norwegian trio Flukt (soaring) lends music wings. The three players literally radiate true musicianship, an energetic intensity and a spirit of sorts, which gives the listener a hard time sitting still

Flukt, 2003

Flukt’s music resembles a good game of chess, where elements of surprise and unconventional imaginative abilities beat the conventional and sturdy. The inspirational sources are many; Scandinavian as well as Gaelic folk Music, religious tunes and their own compositions form a vital and living totality with a strong and personal identity.

Utilising the stripped-down combinations of fiddle, Hardanger, accordion, and electric and acoustic bass to the full extent, Flukt ramble their way through the ensemble’s acclaimed performances. Through energetic interplay and new approach to accompaniment, Flukt manage to add an infectious bounce to traditional tunes. Flukt interpret and renew traditional tunes from Norway, Ireland and the Balkans creating a unique repertoire filled with youthful energy.

There is an impishness about their sound that makes their performances an easy listen. Even on the minor-mode tunes they refuse to take themselves too seriously, adding crafty dissonance and tricky rhythm changes. Their live performances sees the ensemble flowing from tune to tune in the style of conversation between old friends. Sure, the subject may change abruptly and often, but it's never jarring and it rarely ends in fisticuffs.

Flukt’s three members, Sturla Eide Sundli (fiddle), Øivind Farmen (accordion) and Sondre Meisfjord (bass) are well educated with training from the University of Trondheim and the Barratt Due Institute of Music. They perform regularly with a wide range of bands and ensembles covering diverse genres as jazz, rock, folk- and classical music. Among the Flukt members past collaborations we find such varied partners as the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra, Come Shine and Pat Metheny.

Sturla Eide Sundli, Øivind Farmen and Sondre Meisfjord play with such pure energy and intensity that the listener is hooked from the first note. Soaring …


Spill (2L) 2002

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