Warm Spanish reception for the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra

Under the leadership of their new conductor André Previn, The Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra maintains its strong international position. The orchestra’s latest feat is a tremendously well-received Spanish tour.

Listen to a 30 second clip of the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra performing Brahms’ Symphony No. 1 In C Minor op. 68. Un Poco Sostenuto. Allegro
Listen to more tracks or buy the whole album featuring the Oslo Philharmonic conducted by Mariss Janssons performing Brahms’ Symphony No. 1 in C Minor op. 68

André Previn - OPO's new conductor

The Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra (OPO) enjoyed a warm Spanish reception this week: sold out venues in Madrid, Murcia and Valencia in addition to very favourable reviews. OPO’s Spanish tour is the orchestra’s first international venture under the leadership of the new conductor André Previn.

During the 20-year tenure of former conductor Mariss Janssons, The Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra built up a strong international reputation. Through a string of highly accomplished recordings and performances, OPO could enjoy the role as Norway’s most celebrated orchestra. Last year saw conductor Janssons leaving the position as the orchestra’s conductor, and many speculated whether if it would be possible to find a qualified replacement for the highly respected leader. Few would question the qualifications of OPO’s new conductor, André Previn. Previn is an outstanding concert-pianist and has conducted such respected orchestras as the Vienna and New York Philharmonic Orchestras.

Says Previn to the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation on working with the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra: I love to work with them - they really love to play. It might be redundant to say so, but it’s not. Some orchestras have the ability to play magnificent, but the joy of playing is not there. The OPO musicians play magnificent and they really love what they do. That makes a conductor very happy.

The Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra performed in sold-out venues in Madrid, Murcia and Valencia for a receptive audience. In Madrid’s El Auditorio Nacional de Musica an audience of more than 2000 listeners gathered to hear OPO perform Rakhmaninov’s Symphony No. 2 and Henri Dutilleux’ second symphony.

Said one excited Spanish audience member: It was a brilliant, well-balanced and passionate concert. The first piece was very modern and almost of provocative nature, while the last piece was pure joy, beauty and love from Rakhmaninov’s side. The Madrid audience and I enjoyed this tremendously.

The Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra has two upcoming releases this year. The first one is a CD on Norwegian label Simax where OPO conducted by Mariss Jansons interprets Mahler’s Symphonies No. 1 and 9. The second is a Sony release which sees the orchestra performing Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto and Shostakovich’s Violin Concerto No. 1.

More info on The Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra can be obtained on OPO’s site.

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