Norway’s favourite soprano launched in the States

On October the 1st, Norway’s own Sissel Kyrkjebø, or just Sissel as she now prefers, launched her debut solo album in the U.S. She follows up the release with a promo-tour and is currently doing shows in the biggest cities in the U.S.

Sissel Kyrkjebø

Sissel has been one of Norway’s favourite singers for decades. She is sort of a national treasure for the Norwegian people, and often performs at big national events such as royal weddings or the Nobel Peace Prize Concert. Americans were properly introduced to her wonderful voice for the first time at the 94 winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway. She sang the official song ”Fire in Your Heart” with Placido Domingo. Some Americans might also remember her from the Titanic- soundtrack, or from the Warren G single, ”Prince Igor”. She has been on Letterman too, performing with The Chieftains, twice on St. Patrick’s Day.

But now she is ready to let the American audience really get to know her. On October 1st 50.000 copies of her album was sent out to select stores in the U.S. The album, entitled ”Sissel” has already sold 8 million copies in Europe, and Sissel hopes the release of her debut album and her new sexy image will grant her much success in the States. Of course when albums are released promotion is in order, and Sissel is currently touring the U.S. The tour started in NYC and will end in Washington D.C. on October the 18th.
All though the launch in the States is very exciting for Sissel, she hasn’t forgotten about her native country and on November 22nd and 23rd she will be performing live at in Oslo, Norway at Oslo’s biggest concert venue, Oslo Spektrum.

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