Dadafon: Visitor

A new Listen to Norway series is on its way, and MIC kick-starts the round with Dadafon’s acclaimed “Visitor” album


On “Visitor” Dadafon display mastery of a wealth of genres, incorporating elements from such diverse styles as afro-beat, jazz, electronica and their home-grown “creaky pop”. Fronted by charismatic vocalist Kristin Asbjørnsen, Dadafon present a unique blend of genres and expressions that’s carefully stitched together into a seamless and unified album. Universally acclaimed, Dadafon have with Visitor firmly established themselves as a creatively turbo-charged collective constantly pushing the envelope. They have dubbed their strings/percussion/vocals/scrap-metal driven tunes “creaky pop” – thus implying that they avoid the polished perfection of the mainstream. They don’t lack mainstream appeal however – Dadafon’s tunes are as catchy as anything out there and hold great promise of future impact

Dadafon: Visitor (Via Music - vcd 389)

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