Karin Park: Superworldunknown

MIC’s Listen to Norway series continues with Karin Park’s stunning debut album "Superworldunknown".

Karin Park: Superworldunknown (cover)

Sometimes pop music touches on its own essence. The chorus of Karin Park’s monster hit Fill it up manifests this essence in the rare way that makes you aware of it; makes you aware of this pleasant mystery and makes you wander: What is it? What is this simple, ephemeral thing that works so well, means so much and shifts the whole world a degree while it lasts? Well, tears and laughter are akin but apart, and pop is the pendulum that scopes the gap. The album “Superworldunknown” is such a contribution, and the title itself is perhaps a way of saying that longing is a good thing. The music has an unmistakable sweeping sensation to it; it catches you in its flow, it is massive in a benign way, it is like a wide sheet of some rolling surface, but at the same time it is anchored to deeper and darker things that make the music truthful and enchanting rather than artificial and chilly. Karin knows the value of such ambiguity: a dreamlike, slow lightness, and a somewhat elusive and absent minded manner of being that reminds more than a little of the arresting world of Björk.

The album is scheduled for a release on the German market in the near future.

(Waterfall Records WTRCD02)

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