Kaptein Sabeltann - Syng med og syng selv II

MIC’s Listen to Norway series continues with the latest Captain Sabertooth release.

Kaptein Sabeltann – Syng med og syng selv II (cover)

The story of Kaptein Sabeltann - Captain Sabertooth is nothing less than a modern day fairytale. So far 750 000 children and adults have seen the summer night performances in Norway, which recreates the adventures of this cruel and ruthless pirate. More than 750 000 units of various Sabertooth releases have also been shifted on the domestic market, adding to the lucrative and entertaining fairytale. The ruthless pirate has become a household name in every home across the nation, and all kids aged 2 and up can recite the choruses of Sabertooth’s lusty anthems. Pure fun for kids of all ages (grown-ups included).

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