Home Groan: Raccoon

MIC’s Listen to Norway profile series continues with Home Groan’s Raccoon.

Home Groan: Raccoon (cover)

On Home Groan’s “Raccoon” ScandoAmerican singer-songwriter Martin Hagfors brings forth a selection of low-key tunes that fit in well with his extensive recorded output. Hagfors’ Guthrian lyrics are accompanied by playful and lively melodies expressing a diverse set of emotions: from dark passages to moments of brightness and elation. The tunes are timeless, the playing is flowing and infectious, resulting in a record that is a musical cornucopia and a lasting testament to one of the hardest working songwriters on the Norwegian scene. Hagfors showcases a slightly surreal style of writing, but underpinning the unusual choice of words and melodies is a heart with an affection and concern for society’s outsiders. This is Home Groan’s sixth studio album and it represents a refinement of expression and a maturity that few bands manage to build.

Home Groan: Raccoon (ME Records - ME 008)

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