Womex artist profiles

The upcoming Womex fair in Sevilla, Spain makes for a good occasion to highlight some of the most central and active performers on the Norwegian traditional, folk, crossover and ethnic scene. Read extensive profiles ranging from kora master Solo Cissokho to Hardanger Fiddle wizard Jan Beitohagen Granli, Balkanesque madmen Wunderkammer and much more.

Johan Sara Jr.

Although no Norwegian performers or bands are scheduled to showcase at this year’s Womex, MIC has singled out a selection of artists that deserve to be promoted and brought out to a wider audience. The following articles and profiles are featured in a booklet that has been prepared by MIC in co-operation with the co-ordinating body for the Norwegian Womex participation, Music Export Norway.

The profiled artists include such diverse performers as kora master Solo Cissokho, psycho-Balkan outfit Wunderkammer, vibrant folk-trio Flukt, Sami singer/songwriter Niko Valkeapää, Majorstuen, Sami chanter Johan Sara Jr. and Hardanger Fiddle master Jan Beitohagen Granli.

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