Listen to Norway - The International Purchasing Programme for new Phonograms

A long and slightly stiff title that contains lots of vibrant and highly lively music: The International Purchasing Programme for new Phonograms. To cut it short; each year a selection of new Norwegian records from all genres are purchased and distributed to carefully selected recipients at home and abroad. The Music Information Centre Norway is the proud dispatcher of the latest batch of quality records, which is now heading out for its receivers around the globe under our new title: Listen to Norway.

Listen to Norway 2002 A

To appropriately label such a selection of quality music, MIC has chosen to employ a new title for The International Purchasing Programme for new Phonograms: Listen to Norway. MIC adopted and slightly altered Roosevelt's legendary World War II quote (Look to Norway…) and used the title for MIC's now defunct printed music magazine. It is now revitalised as the Purchasing Programme's international slogan as well as the title of our new on-line web shop (more on our new download services will follow in a later article). Suffice it to say, MIC wants the world to Listen to Norway.

With this latest package the Music Information Centre Norway (MIC) presents to a world-wide audience a cross-section of some of Norway’s finest music. These releases have made an impact on the Norwegian scene, and now MIC aims at spreading the sounds around the world. Norwegian music is enjoying increased international attention, and in this respect MIC is aware of the importance of promotion of a broad spectrum of genres and artists, showcasing the strength of a vibrant and growing scene. MIC is an active collaborator in this process, providing information and profiling for domestic and international partners. Continuing its role as a non-biased and genre neutral resource centre for domestic and international partners, MIC’s main aim is to increase the impact of Norwegian music nationally as well as abroad.

This latest package of records contains 36 titles and is shipped to 250 recipients all over the world. Among the lucky chosen few we find a varied selection of institutions and contacts: journalists, radio stations, libraries, churches, embassies, consulates and various cultural bodies. With kind assistance from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, each package is distributed to a receiver that is about to dive into a selection of jazz, folk, classical, contemporary, pop, rock, electronica, hip-hop, ethnic or Norwegian language popular records.

Some might ask whether if this shipment will make any difference. After all it’s just a few titles sent to a handful of recipients around the world. Does anybody care at all? Here at MIC the opinion is that this is a valid effort with specific results. Each shipment of records is followed by requests for information on artists and most of the recipients are grateful for each refill of high-quality Norwegian music. MIC stresses that this is not a static process with a fixed list of passive recipients receiving their packages of Norwegian records. MIC seeks consecutive assessment of the recipient list and will continuously give priority to active contacts that actually promote Norwegian music. In the course of 2003 the whole list of international receivers will be re-evaluated, resulting in some passive partners being omitted and several new and active ones included. The governing idea is to establish a distribution scheme that’s adaptable, flexible and highly promotional.

It should be noted that this package of records could not have been made possible without support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry for Cultural Affairs. We are unified in a wholehearted support of a thriving and growing Norwegian music scene that’s bound to cross international borders.

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