Röyksopp behind the wheels in Bergen

Wondering what MTV favorite Röyksopp is doing these days? In addition to working on their new album, Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland will be spinning the wheels at funky Agora in Bergen on Friday as part of the British club concept “Sunday Best”.

Röyksopp close-up

It has been quiet around the acclaimed Tromsø duo Röyksopp for a while, but this Friday, Berge and Brundland are coming out of their hideout to play some favourites in Bergen. They
normally never DJ so this is will be a unique opportunity to check out what makes them tick.

Rave reviews for their Melody A.M. album, MTV video awards, Brit Awards nomination and staggering international sales have put the charismatic electronica duo at the forefront of Norwegian music export.

British DJ Rob da Bank is the mind behind the “Sunday Best” club concept. Starting this Friday, da Bank and his team are heading to Agora in Bergen on the 3rd Friday of every month to bring a taste of south London. This Friday, however, Röyksopp is in charge. Be there if you want to hear the latest from the hot electronica duo.

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