Eirik Moland - Biography

Eirik Moland was born on April 4, 1959 in Saltdal, Northern Norway. At twelve he began to play accordion. Receiving his first accordion training at the age of seventeen, he discovered contemporary music as a mean of expression.

Moland studied composition at the Norwegian Academy of Music in 1981-83. Since 1986 he has been living in Northern Juthland, Denmark, where he teaches accordion and chamber music with a number of music schools. As a performing musician he is member of Duo Belissima, consisting of soprano and accordion.

Eirik Moland has composed music for various ensembles, where accordion and vocal are frequently used. He has received a number of commissions, a.o. music for children- and marionette theatre. In addition to the contemporary composition music he writes folk music, often based on Norwegian tradition. As a consequence of working with both new composition music and folk music, one often finds folk music elements in Moland’s works, - generally with a humoristic angle. His compositions generally are rhythmical, also with traits from rock and jazz.

Eirik Moland’s works have been performed in Denmark, Norway, Ireland, France and Slovenia, by ensembles such as Bodø Sinfonietta (Norway), Wärme Quartet (Denmark), Fleurs de Saison (Denmark), and musicians from the Irish ensemble Concorde.

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